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Resume Format For Nurses - Sample

91 901955****
To provide patient care and to treat and diagnose patients to improve the knowledge as also help the patient in speedy recovery.
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc) from BMC University.
  • HSC from State board with 1st class.
  • SSC from State board with 1st class.
  • Communication with patients to know the problem.
  • Assistance to doctors during treatment.
  • Ability to function well in charge nurse role.
  • Basic care and treatment to the patients suffering from injuries.
  • Primary medication and treatment for the patients.
  • 1st rank throughout in all the years of B.Sc Nursing.
  • Best Intern award by the BMC University.
  • General championship in athletics during the annual sports meet at the BMC University.
  • Participated in various cultural activities.
  • Member of NGO & participation in various activities arranged by the NGO.
  • Athletic events.
  • Singing.
  • Travelling.
  • Trekking.
  • Visiting Orphanages.
  • Honest.
  • Kind & humble.
  • Excellent organisational skills.
  • Effective Communication skills.
  • Optimist.
  • Strong convincing skills.
Address: 01, John Park, Castle Street, SDK.
Date of birth: 17/02/19**
Languages Known: English, Hindi and Telugu.
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Resume format for nurses
Meena XXXX
Contact: XXXXX
Mail ID:

Objective: Seeking next opportunity with a recognized organization for the mutrual growth and profitability.

Educational Details:

-Diploma in nursing from XXXXX Institute in year with XX %.
-HSC from XXXX Board in year XXXX with XX %.
-SSC from XXXX Board in year XXXX with XX %.

Work Experience:

-Working with XXXX hospital in Internal medicine and emergency department since XXXX to till date.
-Worked with XXX hospital in ICCU department for 2 years.
-Worked with XXXX Hospital in MICU department for 1 year.
-Worked with XXXX Hospital in ICCU and ward for 3 years.

Job responsibilities:

-Accompany Doctor’s on rounds & implement treatment as required.
-Admission & orientation of new patient’s.
-Managing immobility patient’s.
-Maintaining Hygiene.
-Do ECG taking, IV cannulation, insertion of urinary catheter, nasogastric tube, stomach wash.
-Oxygen administration, nebulization, suction, cardiac monitoring.
-Maintaining records & reports of patient.
-Psychological support to patient & relatives.
-Collection of specimen for investigation.
-Give the charge to the shift-staff including medicine over, about at medicine, lab record, indoor & outdoor at records.

Equipment handling:

-Syringe pump & infusion pump
-Nebulizer & heat massages
-Suction apparatus
-Pulse oxymeter
-Cardiac monitor
-ECG machine
-AMBU bag
-BIPAP machine

Extracurricular activities:

-Involved in medical education program regularly conducted in our hospital. As a staff nurse involved in equipment stock management.

Personal Details:

Date of birth: XX-XX-XXXX
Languages known: English, Hindi, and XXXX
Address: XXXXX
Shobhana Bhati 11-28-2012
Nurses resume sample
Contact No: 654****
E-mail- jyg****

Looking forward to work as a professional nurse that capitalizes on my skills, experience and personality besides providing opportunity for the service of the needy ones. To serve the sick with dedication and love.To work hard with determination to achieve.

Educational profile:
-BA from M university with Y grades
-HSC from M university with X grades
-SSC from M college with Z university

Diploma courses:
-General Nursing from N school with Y grades
-Computer science from I institute with Z grades

Work experience:
-DC hospital in surgical department from 20** till present
-TR Hospital from 20** to 20** in psychiatric department
-DF hospital from 19** to 20** in Operation Theatre, Recovery Room & Post-Operative Ward

Computer knowledge
-Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, ME, XP, VISTA, Word, Excel
-Application Software related to hospital setup.

Professional experience
-Round the clock Casualty Service, Pharmacy, Pathology & Radiology.
-Two Operation Theatres with fully equipped to perform all the major surgeries.
-Artificial kidney dialysis Unit.
-Video Endoscopy Centre.
-10 bedded fully equipped ICU & CCU
-08 bedded fully equipped CTVS.
-Cath Lab.

Equipments used
-Cardiac Monitor
-Pulse Oxymeter
-Intubation’s Set
-Central Line Set
-NIBP Machines

SKill sets:
-Self motivated
-Professional with commitment to provide quality nursing care
-Strong organizational skills
-Communicational skills.

Personal details:
-Date of Birth:23/03/19**
-Languages Known:English, Hindi, Malayalam
-Hobbies:Painting & singing
Rajvardhan Rane 11-27-2012
Resume format for nurses


Email :
Email :


Career Objective :

To work in a challenging environment under the supervision of seniors and prove myself asset to the organization and try my level best to serve the patients with utmost care & full dedication to maintain the high quality of the profession.

Work Experience:

-From Sept 2006 to March 2007 : Undertaken 6 months training as Dialysis Technician Training Program in xxxxx Hospital & Kidney Foundation, xxx.

-From April 2007 to August 2008 : Worked with xxxxx Hospital, xxx, (300+ bed multi specialty Hospital) in Dialysis Department.

-From Set 2008 to May 2011 : xxxxxxxx Hospital, xxxxx, (350+ bedded multispecialty hospital) in Dialysis Department.

-From June 2011 to Till Date : XXXXXXXX Super Speciality Hospital New Delhi in Dialysis Department .

Nature of Duties & Responsibilities Undertaken :

-Receiving of patients with full file and analysis of the same for further course of action as per direction.
-Collection of Lab Reports and Diagnostic tests, analysis and follow up of the same.
-Follow up of Doctor’s directions soon after rounds.
-Assisting of Internal jugular , Subclavian, Femoral Cathter, Perintoneal dialysis, Haemodialyis Dressings, Pleural tapping, B.T etc.
-Frequent observation of patients for any adverse reactions & inform the Medical Officer quickly if any.
-Obtaining vital signs and administration of medications at proper time.
-Special care of bed-ridden patients, e.g. medications, personal hygiene, back care, position changing, reassurance & psychological support etc.
-Total care and sterilization of medical equipments.
-Prevention of nosocomial infections using proper handwashing.

Technical Skills

Independently Priming & Preparing Machine for Dialysis 2.Washing & Preservation of equipments for reuse.

Patient related complication:

-Muscle Cramps.
-Nausea &Vomiting.
-Fever / Chills.
-Dialysis Disequilibrium Syndrome.
-First use syndrome .
-Internal access infection .
-Internal access thrombus.
-Cardiac arrest.

Blood related complication

-Air in blood.
-Air Embolism.
-Blood Loss.
-Access Recirculation.
-Clotting in the extra corporeal circute.
-Poor blood flow.

Dialysate related complication

-New Dialyzer Use reaction.

Equipments Handled/Familar With :

-Dialysis Machines (Fresenins, Kawasumi, Alies B Brown etc)
-Cardiac Monitor
-ECG Machine, Suction Apparatus
-Infusion & Syringe Pumps
-Glucometer, BP Monitor & Laringoscope
-Nebulisation Kit
-Chest Drainage Unit
-Ambubag with connectors
-Fumigation Pump (Des Net solution)
-Different Masks – Ventuary Mask, Simple Mask & Nasal Canula

Computer Skills:

-Familiar with DOS,MS Word,MS Office ,Internet and E-mail Operations. HIS r

Educational Qualification
: Passed Matriculation from Board of Public Examination, Kerala in March 2000.
-Passed Intermediate (Plus-Two) from Board of Higher Secondary Education, XXXXXX in March 2003.

Professional Qualification:

-Name of Examination : Passed Diploma in General Nursing & Midwifery From XXXX School of Nursing, (XXXXX State Diploma in Nursing Examination Board) in February 2007

-Registration No.: XXXXX

Personal Information:

-Date of Birth :
-Marital Status :
-Languages Known :
-Permanent Address:
Rahul Bhardwaj 11-27-2012