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Resume Template For Freshers Engineers - Sample 1

Rajat Kapoor
Email ID: ****@gmail.com
Contact no.: +91********
Career Objective
Looking for a challenging career which demands the best of my professional ability in terms of, technical and analytical skills, and helps me in broadening and enhancing my current skill and knowledge.
Profile Summary
  • An initiative taker with exceptional knowledge of circuits and their methodologies having bachelors of technology degree in Electronics Engineering.
  • Skilled in Circuit implementation and the electronic components.
  • Proficient in analysis of electronic circuits.
  • Eager to learn the new trends and techniques of electronic methodologies.
  • Expert in installation, troubleshooting and maintenance of electronic circuits.
Personal Qualities
  • Patience and Skillful
  • Ability to produce the best quality result in pressure situations.
  • Able to handle the situation of conflicts.
  • Able to handle the team and take the best work from them.
  • B.Tech from FGH Technical college with 79% aggregrate in 2012.
  • Intermediate from FGH College with 75% in 2008.
  • Highschool from FGH college with 78% in 2006.
Description: To communicate between multiple devices through the power line instead of other communication mediums. The digital
signals are being used for better voice and signal.
  • Receive 'Best student' award in college.
  • Got second prize in Delhi university in Circuit analyzing.
  • Project is selected for competition in JDHD University.
Extra Curricular Activities
  • Reading Books.
  • Reading EFY
  • Doing Charity
Personal Details
Languages known: English, Hindi

Resume Template For Freshers Engineers - Sample 2

Mobile : 9xxxxxxx
Email : kxxxxxxx@live.com
Career Objective
I want to correlate my theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge, thus growing and learning as an individual and in return assisting and helping the Company where I shall be working.
  • Completed B.E. in ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION from Gyan Ganga Institute of Technology & Sciences, Jabalpur affiliated to R.G.P.V. with aggregate 73.46% of marks.
  • Fresher with good knowledge, team skills, coordination capabilities and passionate towards achieving goals.
Technical Interest
Subject Skill : Electronics, Embedded system, Cellular & mobile communication, Analog and Digital Communication.

Electronics And Computer Skills

Micro-controllers: 8051, Atmel AVR, ARM.
Languages: C, C++, Visual Basic.
Packages used: KEIL, WinARM, WinAVR, AVRSTUDIO, MATLAB, Altera quartus, Proteus, Diptrace, Protel, Eagle (PCB Layout).
Operating Systems used: Windows, Linux.
Training Exposure
Organization : XXXXXX
Project Name : XXXXXX
Team member : 7 Members

The Training consisted of a Software Defined Radio which use to be work on the principle of high speed analog to digital converting system and letting the data to be fed to PC for high peed DSP over the received data to extract information.

Organization : XXXXXX
Project Name : XXXXXX
Team member : 5 Members

Description :
  • The touch screen and accelerometer based autonomous robot is implemented for the disable persons which cannot control and function or device easily.
  • Therefore by using a high speed Atmel AVR IC the analog system is converted to digital and data processing is done for the job to be performed.
  • Received a certificate of Honor by GGITS Jabalpur on UMANG2010 for representing the College in International Event Micromouse held at IIT Bombay TECHFEST 2009.
  • Second Prize in RUMBA competition held at IIT Delhi TRYST2010.
  • Participated in Anusandhan Exhibition held at IIT Delhi TRYST2010.
  • Presented a Paper on SWARM Robotics in a National Conference Held at GGITS Jabalpur ATVES2010.
  • Top Ten Runner up in endeavour competition held at IIT Kanpur TECHKRITI 2010.
  • Participated in ANTZ competition held at IIT BOMBAY TECHFEST 2010.
  • First Runner Up Nexus ANTZ IIT BOMBAY 2009 Indore.
  • First Prize in Innobotics competition held in IIITDM Jabalpur.
  • Top ten runners up in embedded design IIT Kanpur TECHKRITI 2009 (Title: Duck shooting game in CRO).
  • Top ten runner up in Micromouse IIT Bombay TECHFEST 2009.
  • Second Prize Circuit designing in IIT Kanpur TECHKRITI 2008.
  • Second Prize `Foxhunt' in IIT Kanpur TECHKRITI 2009.
  • First Prize in Circuit design in JEC Jabalpur.
  • Second Prize in AeroModelling at GGITS 2008
  • Third Prize in Circuit design in HCET Jabalpur.
  • Participated in Robo-Arena in GGITS Jabalpur.
Educational Profile
  • B.E. from XXXXXXX University
  • 12th from XXXXXXX Secondary School, XXXXX Board
  • 10th from XXXXXXX Secondary School, XXXXX Board
Academic Project
Secure Wireless transmission of data using encryption and frequency hopping
  • We made a secure wireless system using encryption and frequency hopping for secure transmission of data.
  • The encryption was done using GFSK. Frequency hopping ensures that even if Someone with a receiver is listening for our signal, he would get only a part of the signal and would not be Able to decode it properly, making the system very secure.
  • PID controller
  • The purpose of the project was acquiring an encoded DC motor, which can be set by the user.
  • The motor was controlled by PWM which in turn was controlled by a PID controller.
Personal Project
  • A Micromouse is an autonomous robot which has to reach the centre of an unknown maze starting from one end in the shortest time. In 2009 our Micromouse ranked the Best Design prize at Techfest (The annual technological festival of IIT Bombay).
GPS Modem Interface
  • In a GPS modem the modem Transmit info in a NMEA Protocol set generated by the company according to comm. Standard.
  • I had utilized the NMEA0183 command format to receive the Lat. Long. and many other different parameter regarding land location and the satellites details.
GSM Modem AT Commanding
  • In a GSM modem the modem responds to a AT commands set generated by the company according to comm. Standard.
  • I had utilized the AT command Prompt to send SMS and to handle different functionality over it.
Software Defined Radio
  • I had designed a software radio, which could scan a particular bandwidth of the radio spectrum using PC as high speed DSP and can read the process going on a particular channel and even can transmit at the desired frequency of overall bandwidth.
Touch Screen Functionality
  • I had interface a touch screen to a high speed analog to digital converter and can get the perfect coordinate of the touched surface and is then utilized for menuing.
Image Processing
  • Developed prototype robots and their software using the Matlab library for image processing.
  • The competitions involved the use of colour detection, edge detection and object detection algorithms of Image processing.
  • Interface 1.5g Accelerometer
  • The accelerometer is a sensor, which works according to the direction of gravity to acting in the respective coordinate and as per the acting force it do gives the analog o/p as x, y, z axis through the use of an adc channel we can calculate the gravity direction therefore work like a gyro.
Personal Details
Date of Birth:
Languages Known:

Resume Template For Freshers Engineers - Sample 3

Mail id – XXXXXX@gmail.com
A good Result oriented, hard working person looking for an entry level position in mechanical engineering department.
Key Skills
  • Total quality management.
  • Team building and training.
  • Follow just in time principal.
  • Hard working.
  • Dedicated towards work.
  • BE in mechanical from XXXX university in year XXXX.
  • Diploma in mechanical from XXXX polytechnic college in year XXXX with XX %.
  • Passed high school from XXXXX school in year XXXX with XX %.
Trainings Undertaken
1. Two months training from XXXXX Company in a manufacturing plant.

Key learning
  • Oversaw floor operations.
  • Checking the manufacturing process.
  • Understanding of working of technical machines.
  • Learning to solve the technical problems.
  • Team management.
2. 3 months training on total quality management from XXXX Company.
  • Bike ridings.
  • Chatting with friends.
  • Playing cricket.
  • Racing champion of the city.
  • Member of the XXXX club’s cricket team.
Personal Details
Date of Birth: XX/XX/XXXX
Languages known: English, Hindi & Japanese.
Address: XXXXX
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