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Explain how to use RSS as an autoresponder with RSS Autopublisher.

An autoresponder is used to deliver messages to people who request them. The messages are delivered in a sequential manner. The RSS autoresponders work the same as email autoresponders except that they are used to deliver messages and not emails. The RSS autoresponder will send out messages in a timely manner as specified by the user. Campaign and sales messages are common scenarios where aurotresponder needs to be used. RSS autopublisher is used to publish the autoresponder messages as well as usual RSS feeds.

Explain how to use RSS as an autoresponder with RSS Autopublisher.

A series of messages over a time period are send using auto responder. The messages are delivered in chronological order, like training material, sales message.

No RSS feed is needed to use RSS Autopublisher. No RSS software is needed. Built in HTML editor can be used for creating messages with stunning looks. Unlimited length of messages can be sent.

The strengths and benefits of email autoresponder system are available in RSS Autopublisher, without problems of delivery. No writing scripts, uploading/installing on the server and no configurations need to be done. This can be managed easily by using a browser interface.
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