Child elements of channel - RSS

Explain child elements of <channel>.

Child elements of channel has three required child elements:

<title> which defines the title of the channel like a home page.
<link> which defines the hyperlink to the channel.
<description> which describes the channel.

Other than these there are child elements like:

<category> specifies a category of a feed
<copyright> notifies about copyrighted material
<image> allows an image to be displayed when aggregators present a feed
<language> specifies the language used to write a document

Explain child elements of <channel>.

It has three child elements:

<title> : Used for defining the title of the channel
<link> : Used for defining the hyperlink for the channel
<description> : Used for describing the channel
<channel> : The element has one or more <item> elements, each one of which describes the article in the RSS feed
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