Sample CV For IT Professionals - Sample 1

CV for IT Professionals - Sample 1

Rama Rao
Mobile: 91-975XXXXXXXX
Location: Mumbai
Senior Software Engineer
Professional Synopsis
  • 4 years of overall working experience in Microsoft Technologies
  • Ability to work as individual contributor and with team
  • Good experience to lead small sized teams
  • In-depth knowledge of web application development tools and techniques.
  • Good exposure of next generation technologies like XML, XSLT, JQuery, RDLC
  • Good exposure to MS SQL Server; Database design and implementation, Data Warehousing using component SSIS
  • Hands on experience working with end users and extending them technical support
Core Competencies
Languages: C#
RDBMS: MS SQL Server 2005
Web Technologies: ASP.NET2.0/3.5/4.0, HTML, XML, XSLT, CSS
Web Servers: IIS6.0, IIS7.0
Scripting: JQuery, JavaScript
Operating System: Windows NT/2000/XP, 9x, Windows 7

Currently associated with Ace Systems India Pvt. Ltd. (CMMI Level 3)

Project 1

Team Size:

My Contribution
  • Requirement gathering and analysis
  • Timeline and efforts estimation
  • Team/Project management
  • Coding and development
  • Reports design and implementation
  • Database management
  • Post production support
  • Client communication
Project 2

Team Size:

My Contribution
  • Requirement gathering and analysis for various change requests
  • Timeline and efforts estimation
  • Development, deployment and testing of change requests
  • Providing post deployment support
  • Client communication
  • Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science Engineering), 2007 from ------
Personal Profile
Date of Birth:

CV for IT Professionals - Sample 2

Sunil Agarwal
Mobile: +91-8323045XXX
Intend to build a career with leading corporate of hi-tech environment with committed & dedicated people, which will help me to explore myself fully and realize my potential. Willing to work as a key player in challenging and creative environment.
  • B.Tech Computer science Engineering from -----
  • Higher Secondary School Leaving Certificate -----
  • Secondary School Leaving Certificate
Programming Language: C and C++
  • Operating System
  • Computer Networks
Online test and Automatic recognition of acoustic emission signals from flaws or Damage in wood plastic composites

_________ are generated while a material is distorted or broken under stress action. By analyzing the measured AE signals, we can detect and diagnose the flaws or damages from the material. In order to build a online test system based on AE signals from WPC to determine the type of material’s flaws or damages quickly and exactly.
  • Participated in the 8th National Science Olympiad.
  • Active Participant in the School Interact Club and Spicmacay Club as well as in the School Cricket and Football team.
  • Practiced karate and obtained the level of Golden Brown Belt and also participated in the 11th Inter School/College Karate Tournament and secured 1st in the Brown I and Brown II category, 2003.
  • Organizational skills
  • Good in Team work
  • Self confidence
Date of Birth:
Languages Known:

CV for IT Professionals - Sample 3

Anurag Goel
Mobile: +91-8394045XXX
To give my software career a solid start by joining eminent and highly professional software company and contribute to the success of the company by outstanding performances and thereby advancing my career.
Professional Summary
  • Over the past One Years I have developed a strong background in many aspects of information technology.
  • My primary skills include ASP.NET, C#.NET, ADO.NET, SQL Server 2005
Technical Skills
Databases: MS SQL Server 2000, Oracle, Oracle RDB
Languages: C, C++, C#
OS: Windows NT/2000, VMS, Unix
Web Technologies: HTML, ASP.NET
  • NIIT: Certified in C# and VC#
  • Aptech: Certified in ASP.NET
Educational Details
  • Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) in 2012 from -----------
  • Diploma (Computer Science) in 2009 from -----------
ABC Ltd.
Front End: ASP .NET
Back End: SQL Server 2005

ABC Ltd. is private institute, which generally conducts the classes and training materials for the various certifications that are related to IT and Software industries like networking related, Java related, database related like for SQL Servers, oracle, etc

Net Banking
Front End: VC# .NET
Back End: SQL Server 2005

This Net Banking project has been deployed by using .NET Framework. This project is a sincere effort to try and make the Bank transaction easy. It keeps the day by day record as a complete banking system. It can keep the information of all transactions, loan solution and account information.
Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Had organized many sports, festivals, exhibitions and social events
  • Drawing and painting
  • Listening music, Reading books(free time)
  • Keenness to learn new things and work on Challenging Tasks
  • Creativity, innovation & making good personal contacts
  • Positive Attitude
  • Take action after analyzing the actual facts and understanding the situation.
Personal Information
Date of Birth:
Languages Known:
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Sample CV for IT professionals
Varsha XXXX.
Mobile : 98********
Email :


To be a part of a dynamic, spirited and a challenging work environment, undertake challenging assignments. To attain a new heights in the world of Software Development.

Educational Qualification:

- B. Tech - Information Technology XYZ UNIVERSITY- 20XX
- Passed H.S.C.from XYZ Board – 20XX

Computer S/W Knowledge:

-Programming Technology: Visual Basic 6.0, HTML, DHTML, ASP, and ASP. NET with C#, AJAX, Web Service.
-Markup and Scripting Languages: JavaScript, VBScript.
-Databases: MS-Access, SQL Server 2008.
-Web Server: Internet Information Services (IIS).

Working Experience:

Company: ABC Utility Service Bureau (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Position: Software Specialist - June 20XX – till date

Company: XXXX Technologies
Position: Software Programmer - July 20XX – May 20XX

Projects Completed:

Name: Online Split Bill Adjustment Tool & Split Bill Report
Client: Fortune 500 Companies
Description: Online Split Bill Adjustment Tool is an online application used to adjust the usage and cost of the split invoice. Selection criteria are site selection and period for which

bills can be shown. There are three parts of this report.

1.Account Details – All the accounts of the selected sites having split bills present are shown.
2.Invoice Details – All the invoices of the selected account are shown.
3.Split Bill Tool Details – Split bill details of the selected invoice to adjust usage and cost. User can save it, on saving each set of percentage for the selected invoice is added in the

Split Bill Report used to view the bill details of the split invoice along with the main bill invoice. The online data shown in the report is exported to excel using StreamWriter. Also the

report in the html format can send by an email.

Roles & Responsibilities: Coding as per the scope document provided and unit testing of the application.
Technologies: ASP.NET C#, SQL, AJAX, JavaScript

Name: XYZ Inventory Report
Client: Fortune 500 Companies

Description: XYZInventory Report is an online report used to calculate runtime CO2 usage for the utility.
Direct Emission and Indirect Emission are the two groups in which the utilities groups are divided. Each utility group included one more utility. Using the emission factor the CO2 is

calculated and data shown on the report for the selected criteria as per the report template provided by customer. The online data shown in the report is exported to excel using StreamWriter.

Also the report in the html format can send by an email.
Roles & Responsibilities: Coding as per the scope document provided and unit testing of the application.
Technologies: ASP.NET C#, SQL, JavaScript

Name: Sustainability Report
Description Sustainability Report is an online report used to show the data in the excel file. This excel file template is provided by the customer. Using Interop object the copy of the

template is created and the output of the stored procedure which is designed to map with the template design is copy in it. On the report page link is provided to download or save the file.

The report in the excel format can send by an email.
Roles & Responsibilities: Coding as per the scope document provided and unit testing of the application.
Technologies: ASP.NET C#, SQL, JavaScript
Team: 2

Personal Details:

Date of Birth :
Languages Known:
Sample CV for IT professionals 10-13-2012
Sample CV for IT professionals
Mob No. +91 99********


A responsible and challenging position in technical sector that will allow me to explore my capabilities and skills towards my duties with a sole aim of growing progress of the organization.

TECHNICAL QUALIFICATION: M.C.A. from ABC University in 2005.


-Result driven IT professional with 6 years of substantial work experience as a .net programmer and SQL Server database administrator.
-Expertise in creating complex SSRS reports, creating packages using SSIS.
-Experience with SSAS, creating cubes.
-Extensive experience in writing complex SQL queries, performance tuning, troubleshooting utilizing SQL profiler, query execution plan, statistics, indexes and various third party tools.
-Experience setting database backup and recovery strategies.
-Experience in code review and optimize the scripts.
-Experience working with Microsoft high availability technologies such as replication and mirroring.
-Vast knowledge and experience of travel domain in database and development in .NET both.
-Experience working with GDS (Saber, Amadeus), payment gateways (Chase, Paypal) and several applications related with these tools.


Development Tool - ASP.NET with C#.
Programming Languages - C#, VB.Net
Database - SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008.
SQL Tools - BIDS, SQL Server report services (SSRS), Integration services (SSIS) and Analysis services (SSAS).
Markup Language - HTML, XML.
Authoring Tool - DreamWeaver8.0, FrontPage.
Scripting Language - JavaScript.
Other Software - Crystal Report, VS-Flex Grid 7.0


1. Current employer - XYZ India Pvt. Ltd. Gurgaon.
2. Previous employer - ABC Digital Energy Gurgaon.



-Configuring and supporting all development, test and production SQL Server databases.
-Code review and optimization of all SQL script being used in Cheapoair application.
-Creating and deploying several reports using SSRS, to be used by management, AQC, marketing, CS and other teams.
-Working with SSIS packages – building, modifying and troubleshooting. Also modifying DTS packages to SSIS packages.
-Creating and maintaining SQL server jobs as per business needs.
-Working on several tools to get data from GDS and payment gateways. These tools are created in .net application using C# as programming language.
-Working on Windows-Phone-7 application to book online air tickets on windows phone.
-Working on a mobile website to show daily sales to management team on Mobile. The application in in .NET.
-Worked on log tools to maintain logs of application. The tools accumulate all log files from several web servers and zip them on a single server and a GUI is developed to search such logs.
-Implemented a hotel engine in Cheapoair application to book hotel tickets.
-Worked on chase and paypal merchants for refund.
-Handling a team of 5 people. Responsible for daily meeting and assigning and managing work to them.
-Working on AZILE methodology. Responsible for Sprint meeting, daily scrum meeting. Managing sprint life cycle of all user stories.
-Using team foundation server (TFS) for managing code.
-Responsible for requirement gathering from product owners and distributing them among team.
-Deploying the code on tech server to be tested by QA team.
-Down merging the code from production to staging and then development server and vice a versa.


I. Argaam is a multilingual site made in both Arabic and English language. The Argaam is council of some financial giants people of middle-east. This site depicts all financial

information, reports and updates in statistical and graphical form regarding daily business of the companies registered with Argaam. This site is aimed to provide every financial ups and

downs, losses and profits, current market and financial status of all such companies and their respective markets which are listed with this site. The News section encapsulates the news

from variety of arena like Research, Global events, Board meetings, Oil or Energy news etc. Authentication and access control are imposed on the pages containing sensitive financial data

and information.
-Administrative section: As this website is working with the voluminous financial data of the top companies of gulf. So a complete admin section is dedicated for all financial data

addition, modification, deletion and any possible change by the user. Throughout the admin and frontend section we have used AJAX technology. A user having administrative login can add

financial data or records for different markets and companies. The admin can also add news, research, agenda other entries for the same.
-Frontend section: Frontend section is open for all registered users. The user can see ups and downs in the stock market, as well as historical information of both listed and unlisted

companies. The historical data is picked from reuter from our datafeeder project in XML format and is stored in database table. Other sections such as research, earning, petrochemical, IPO,

agenda are entered by administrator to show in frontend. There are also archive pages in these sections to store older news. A user can send the news in his news inbox.

II. SALES AUTOMATION - The project was house made web application. It facilitate the work of sales team in a company. The project keeps track of work done by sales team in a company. It

contains each and every information of appointment and inquiries done by sales team for a particular project. The team needs to fill their report on daily basis. It calculates total time and

money spent by a sales person in a particular time range. The admin can look for the detail of a person that what he have done in a particular period of time. The user access permission in

the software is decided by their login ID and associated privileges. Web based support is inbuilt so that from any location with the access to internet the Manager, supervisor or employee

itself can log into reporting site to determine the current status of any project or any employee.

III. ON LINE TICKET MANAGEMENT - This project deals with online ticket management system. This project can support multiple venues and multiple event management system and shows within

that. Also this portal can be accessed by three types of user i.e. admin can book a ticket at POS, trade user can do a bulk booking and public user can also book online ticket and can pay

online using this system. I have used Microsoft enterprise library for data access and exception handling for this project also ajax has been used where ever required. This portal uses

automatic seat selection algorithm for the seat selection when a public user books a ticket. This algorithm has been implemented keeping in mind to have least orphan seats.

IV. ATTENDENCE AND MOVEMENT TRACKING SYSTEM - This was in house window based project having web support facility to facilitate the work of HR in a company. The software was aimed for HR

Management, Leave management plus tracking of attendance and movement of the employees in a company Premises. This software registers the daily attendance and movements records of the

employees, It calculates total time spent by an employee inside and outside of the office campus and subsequently generates an exhaustive report on several basis like total working hours,

Late hours, Extra or overtime hours made by employee in a month. The user access permission on the software was decided by their login ID and associated privileges. Web based support is

inbuilt so that from any location with the access to internet the Manager supervisor or employee itself can log into reporting site to determine the current status of attendance.


-As a developer, responsible for development on all above mentioned applications.
-Writing code in C# on ASP.Net plateform.
-Implemented Ajax on all the pages wherever required.
-Using routers data to show in Argaam application.
-Used javascript for validation on all admin pages and to show success messages.
-Used dream viewer tool for designing.
-Creating database, tables their relationship using normalization, creating views. writing SQL queries, stored procedures, functions and triggers.
-Used VSS (visual source safe) for managing code on server.
-Deployment of codes on staging and live servers using FTP.
-Interaction with Dubai clients.

Personal Detail:

Date of Birth
Languages Known:
Sample CV for IT professionals 10-13-2012
Sample CV for IT professionals
Rupa XXX


A well accomplished System Analyst having 8 years experience in different areas of Microsoft Technologies. Solid exposure to project in Finance domains.

-Well versed to .NET Technologies like ASP.NET, ADO.NET, VB.NET, C#, XML.
-Extensive knowledge of .NET Framework
-Good knowledge in OOPs concept. In C#.
-Worked on Finance & Banking domain.
-Microsoft Certification done (Exam code:70- 536 & 70-562)
-Good Knowledge in Project Quality Process. (PMW tool,SMR Presentation, Client Dashboard)

Technical Expertise

Operating System - Windows 2007 Professional/XP
Language - C#, VB.NET, XML.
Web Technologies - ASP.NET 2.0, 3.0 & 3.5, Java Script, AJAX.
RDBMS - SQL Server, Oracle 9i & 10g
Other Tools - Office 2007

Professional Qualification

M.C.A (Regular) from Dept of Computer Science & Application, ABC University, 20XX

Professional Experience

Currently Working as a System Analyst at XYZ India Pvt.Ltd (a CMM-I Level 5 Company), Noida. (Jan 20XX – Till Date).

Worked as a Software Engineer at ABC International Ltd (a CMM-I Level 5 Company), Noida. - (July 20XX- Jan 20XX)

Projects Undertaken:

Project - CWS (Item Processing – Customer Work Station)
Tools and Technologies - ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX and Web Services with WCF
Languages - C#
DataBase - Oracle 9i.
Team Size - 7
Domain - Finance (Banking)


XYZ Item Processing is the leader in outsourced item processing serving over 4000 institutions with 52 image-enabled item processing centers connected to the Image Stream® National Archive.

Traditional IP Services include in clearings Capture, Image Capture, Exception and Return-Item Processing, Proof-of-Deposit, Transit-Item Processing, and Statement Rendering. It also offers

new Remote Capture solutions for capturing check images at the branch and at the merchant. Fraud Guard solutions can protect your institution and your customers from check fraud and the

Fiserv Clearing Network provides reduced check clearing fees while positioning you for image exchange.

The Customer Workstation Station (CWS) is an image delivery solution. Based on an Oracle® database CWS product handles capturing the images of the check (front & back), storing & retrieval of

check images and also exception handling processes in US. The CWS product has “Image Viewer, Data Entry, E-Statements, Security, Image Manager, XM and Account maintenance” web applications.
These Product main modules are,

-Data Entry Module.
-Image Viewer Module.
-Security Module.
-Image Manager
-Exchange Manager
-Support Module

Responsibilities: Mainly writing the business logic, Functional Specification, Technical Specification, Coding, & Design the Forms and Unit Testing.

Project - ABCCompare and Performance Check Application.
Tools and Technologies - Microsoft.NET 3.5, Web Services. In WPF
Languages - C#,
Team Size - 3
Domain - Finance (Banking)


ABC is a window based application used to compare xml data file and image type and also check the performance time of server to hit the main server. This application will fetch data from

Fiserv “Titan” or “View Point” web server. User need to pass the check data through manual entry or by passes through xml files.FiAPI compare application will generate the xml request and

send to the server and fetch the (Data or Image) response from the specified server and compare it.Here both the FiAPI 1.0 and 2.0 Data and Images will be make compare and Check the

performance of FiAPI 2.0 server hit and fetch response time.

Responsibilities: Mainly writing the business logic, Functional Specification, Technical Specification, Coding, & Design the Forms and Unit Testing

Project - MNO Recovery Solutions
Tools and Technologies - ASP.NET 3.5, AJAX and Web Services. In WCF Architecture
Languages - C#
DataBase - Oracle 9i.
Team Size - 5
Domain - Finance (Banking)


This Product main Modules are,

-Admin Module.
-Main Module.
-Report Module.
-Data Entry Module

Responsibilities: Mainly writing the business logic, Functional Specification, Technical Specification, Coding, & Design the Forms and Unit Testing.

Project - XXX Core Banking Solution 2006
Tools and Technologies - Oracle9i & Web Services. In CSLA Architecture.
Languages - C#, (Winform)
Team Size - 40
Domain - Finance (Banking)


Core Banking Solution 2006: This product is a Both Web & Window Based Product and developing for OSI, USA. Core Banking Solution is Enhanced .Net version of TCBS (The Complete Banking

Solutions, running successfully in different banks in USA). Core Banking Solution is designed to provide one stop solution of the entire core banking problems. It offers secure, advanced,

highly flexible and easy to maintain product to banks.

It consists of following modules-

-Account Manager.
-Relationship Manager.
-Batch Manager.
-Security Manager.
-System Manager.
-Transaction Manager.
-Object Manager.

Responsibilities: Mainly writing the business logic, Functional Specification, Technical Specification, Coding, & Design the Forms and Writing Unit Testing Document with Unit Testing.

Personal Profile:

Date of Birth:
Language Known :
Sample CV for IT professionals 10-13-2012
PCI drivers CV sample

PCI drivers CV sample

House No 2A, 10th E.... street ,
Ka..... Nagar,T.......,Chennai
Phone: 72..........6


Seeking a challenging environment in a professionally managed organization where I could constantly learn and improve my technical and analytical abilities and utilize my potentials by

successfully delivering solutions.


-An experienced engineer with a positive attitude worked for ABC Technologies Chennai, since oct 24 2009 to at present as a DEVICE DRIVER DEVELOPER.
-An engineer having 1.6 year experience in handling various responsibilities throughout Software life cycle.
-An engineer having knowledge of LINUX, C, PCI , USB device driver.
-An engineer who can work independently.
-An engineer who learns fast, and works well under pressure.
-An engineer who is flexible, mobile, and willing to go on an assignment on short notice

Present work

Recently I completed Post graduate diploma in “System Software Development” from CDAC
(Centre of Development of Advance Computing) R&D, Chennai.

Educational Qualification

Bachelor Of Engineering, 2010 - J............... TECHNOLOGY - Computer Science & Engineering


The details of the various projects that I have handled are listed here, in chronological order.

Project - Linux PCI/e Device Driver Development
Role - Developer
Organization - ABC Technologies, Chennai
Duration(dd-mm-yy) - Sept 2011 to march 2012.
Environment - Linux Fedora core 7


Linux Device Driver for USB HCD for Neuron 1000(MEG-4 Set Top Box)

Period Feb 2010 to July 2011

Description - Implementation for porting of USB Host Controller Device Driver for HCD chip supporting USB 2.0. This project involves implementation of USB host controller interface for

standard USB devices. Porting of a USB driver which involves configuration of the device, interrupt Handling and in Linux kernel environment.

Role and Responsibility Linux Device Driver porting of USB Host Controller driver .This involved the porting of USB Host controller driver by making changes to the Hardware abstraction layer

for accessing the USB chip specific registers. It also involved memory configuration for enabling the USB memory banks and setting up interrupts.

Solution Environment

Language- C

Competencies & Skills

Programming - C, Data structure & algorithm
System Programming: Threads, IPC, Shared memory, Pipes, Message Q.
Scripting : Bash Shell Script.


-Organizing member of various function at college level.
-Won first prize in Inter College Dance competition at college level.
-Participated in ‘Drawing’ event in College level’.

Personal Details

Date of Birth 15/12/19.....
Marital Status Unmarried
Languages English, Hindi
Bhardwaj Rahul 09-9-2012
Sample CV for IT professionals
Rohit Sharma
Mobile: +91-XXXXXXXXX

To obtain a challenging and responsible position in professionally managed organization. I am looking forward to an oppurtunity where I can utilise my skills in constituting effectively towards the success of the organisation and further improvement of my personal skills.

Educational Qualification


Achievements & Personal Strengths

-Stood 1st at college level in Bachelors Degree
-Actively participated in computer workshop organized at my college during MCA
-Positive attitude and Enthusiastic in teamwork.
-Good communication skills and Inter-personal skills.
-I can work either individually or as part of a team.

Skill Set

Operating Systems : Windows XP/Windows 7

Project Details

Project Name : Product Master Automation
Company : Cello Writing Instruments
Operating Systems : Windows XP
Technologies Used : Visual Studio 2010, ASP.Net, C#.Net, ADO.Net, HTML, Java Script, MS SQL Server 2008.
Team Size : 2
Duration : 6 months

Project Description ................

The Administrator can generate weekly and monthly reports; the manufacturer can produce the products by forecasting the demand.

User Categories: The users of this portal are categorized into 3 types.

-Registered User (Customer)
-General User (Guest User)


-In this proposed system I have involved in developing ‘Customer (Registered User) module and Report Generation modules.
-Developed view components using ASP.Net and business components using C#
-Prepared the prototypes of the pages using HTML, CSS and Java Script.
-Performed various testing strategies and mainly module level testing and integration testing

Personal Details

Marital Status : Single.
Nationality : Indian.
Date of birth : XXXXXXX
Languages Known : English and Hindi.
Permanent Address : XXXXXXX


I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the above mentioned particulars.
CV for IT professionals 08-26-2012
Message broker cv sample

Message broker cv sample

Sandeep Saini
Email ID- ***
Contact No. +91- 456789****

Career Summary

-A highly sound knowledge in IT production with decision making, strong interpersonal skills having 2 year experience as Message Broker.
-Proficient in working with IT production and development.
-Expertise in making innovative ideas and merging it with the existing processes.
-Strong ability to communicate and make healthy relationships with the staff members and management.

Personality Traits

-Excellent communication skills in written and verbal both.
-Outstanding interpersonal Skills.
-Ability to work in pressure and produce best result.
-Ability to work independently as well as in group environment.

Technical Skills

-Expertise in languages- .NET, PHP and C#
-Message Broker 6.0- Web services, JMS, MQ integration, integration with SIB
-Deployment and experience in automation

Key responsibilities handled

-Create, manage and handle the Message broker tool for stable environment..
-Create a simple system for the sales team.
-Assist developer team in creating a robust and productive message broke system.
-Manage communication with quality management and development team.


-Received appreciation for being able to identify basic shortcomings in the interfaces.
-Individually developed 10 interfaces from initiation to development process of service in ASD Solutions.
-Received Best Employee award in 2011.


-Working as Message Broker in ASD Solutions from Sept 2010- Present.


-MBA in Information technology
-Bachelor in Computer Application

Personal Details

-Date of Birth- MM/DD/YYYY
-Address- ABJBSH
CV for IT professionals 08-21-2012