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Admistration Officer CV - Sample

Ritesh Goel
Contact: +91 94944224445
In pursuit of challenging assignments in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with an organization.
  • B.Tech. (Electrical & Electronics Engineering) professional with nearly 2 years of experience in Site Administration.
  • Deft in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems by using logic and reasoning.
Sound Understanding of
  • Carrying out feasibility studies for new technical innovations.
  • Power System, Electrical Machines and Transformers, with strong insights into their effective utilisation to maximize plant productivity.
  • Exceptionally well organised with a track record that demonstrates self motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve both personal & corporate goals.
  • Inspected works, materials to observe and evaluate condition and operability of facilities and structures.
  • Collected field survey data & measurements.
  • Involved in the resource allocation / mobilisation & clearance at important stages of construction.
  • Conducted tool box meetings at site before starting the job.
  • Implemented all the details at the site being involved in the entire project from small issues to larger issues.
  • Liaised with other workers such as architects, construction managers, engineers, supervisors, surveyors, sub contractors and planners.
  • Shared responsibility with site security, supervision of material, health and safety and human resources.
  • Acted as a main advisor on a site working with subcontractors, operatives, and crafts people.
  • Well versed with MS Office Suite (Word, Excel & PowerPoint), SAP & Internet Applications.
Title : ----------
Organization : --------
Scope : -------
Duration : --------
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Languages Known:
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