Silverlight architecture

Explain Silverlight architecture

Silver light is a plug-in used for different platforms and browsers. It is designed for offering media experiences based on .net platform. Silver light offers a programming environment that is highly adaptable, and offers support for Ajax, Ruby, and Python etc. It can well be integrated with the web applications which are already exist.

Designers can work together to create high end silver light tools for the web using Visual Studio along with Expression Studio. To enable the users to get high level satisfaction from the tools they use, Microsoft has been emphasized UX, user experience. UX is the collection of the interactive points for the user.

The Silverlight architecture has three vital components. They are described below.

1. Core Presentation Framework: This framework includes the components, services pertaining to UI including input, light weight UI controls for use with a web application, media playback, data binding, vector graphics, text, animation, images for presenting various features. It includes Extensible Application Markup Language for layout specification.

2. .NET Framework for Silverlilght: Being a sub set of .NET framework, it contains the components and libraries. Data integration, extensible windows controls, networking, base class libraries, garbage collection, and Common Language Runtime are also included. When Silverlight Libraries are utilized in applications, all the libraries are packed with the application and downloaded to the browser. The libraries include new UI controls, XLINQ, Syndication (RSS/Atom), XML serialization, and Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR).

3. Installer and Updater: It is a control for simplifying the installation process for the first-time users. And subsequently provides automatic updates.
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