How does XAP work? - Silverlight

How does XAP work?

- The .xap file is used for transferring and containing the assemblies and resources of an application with managed code. This code must be written within the Silverlight browser plugin.

- It is a compressed output file for a silverlight application.

- It includes the AppManifest.xaml the compiled output assembly of the silverlight project (.dll) and some of the resource files of the silverlight application are:

1. .aspx files and .html files use the silverlight components by loading the .xap files by using the tag in HTML or can use the <asp:Silverlight> tag in the ASP.NET pages.

2. The .xap files will use the standard zip compression algorithm to minimize the client download size.

- Once the .xap file is created, the Silverlight 2 plug-in will download the file and executes in a separate work space.
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