>External Key Management in sql server 2008

Explain External Key Management in sql server 2008

A comprehensive solution for encryption and key management is provided by SQL Server 2008. The growing need for greater information security within the data centers of enterprises is managed by security keys. This could be done by excellent support given by SQL Server 2008, by supporting third-party keys management and hardware security module products.
Enhanced database mirroring in sql server 2008
Automatic Page Repair: The principal is enabled and mirror computers for recovering transparently from 823 and 824 errors on data pages..........
Hot Add CPU in sql server 2008
CPUs can dynamically be added to a running system, by using Hot Add CPU feature...........
Extended events in sql server 2008
Extended Events are the enhanced event handling system in SQL Server. It is an architecture that is highly scalable, highly configurable..........
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