Explain Filestream storage of sql server 2008 - Sql server 2008

Explain filestream storage of sql server 2008

The complexity of application development and reduces the managing unstructured data cost. The manageability is increased by extending various capabilities which are available only to relational data to non-relational data.

SQL Server 2008 came with 2 new capabilities for persisting BLOB data:
1. FILESTREAM: It is an attribute that can be set on a ‘varbinary’ column for data persistence on the file streams. This enables the benefits from fast streaming capabilities and storage capabilities.

2. Remote BLOB storage: It is a client-side API which reduces the application building complexity and relies on an external persistence for BLOBs and a database for relational data.

SQL Server 2008 will also continue the support for standard BLOB type through the data type ‘varbinary’.
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