Backup devices offered by SQL Server 2000

Explain the backup devices offered by SQL Server 2000. [Hint Disk devices, Tape Devices, Named pipe devices].

Disk devices: These are files that are stored on the hard disk or some other storage media. They can be of a variable size. The maximum size of the file can be as big as the disk space available. If the backup is performed on a disk remotely located, it must follow the naming convention \\Servername\Sharename\Path\File. It is always advisable to not back up a file on the same physical disk because if the disk fails, there is no way to recover the file.

Tape Devices: A tape device is functionally similar to Disk device except that it needs to be physically connected to the server and cannot be remote. If the tape drive becomes full, it prompts for a new tape and continues the backup.

Named Pipe Devices: Named pipe devices make use of some third party software for backups. They are typically used for remote tape storages
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