Concepts of faster differential backups

Explain the concepts of faster differential backups.

A differential backup relies on most recent, previous complete backup. It’s also known as the base of the differential. Differential backup only includes the changed data since the last differential base. Its size is based on amount of data that has changed. Differential backup stores the state of changed extents at the time when backup was created. It is highly recommended to take new full backups periodically at small intervals of time. This ensures its size to be much smaller than that of the base which save time and storage space.

During restore, base is restored prior to differential backup. Then one needs to only restore the most recent differential backup.

Explain the concepts of faster differential backups.

Differential backups are a faster mechanism of taking backups. The back up taken is only of the recently made changes in the data from the last differential backup taken. They support frequent backups which decrease the risk of data loss. The information about the differential database for each file is maintained in a catalog in the primary filegroup.
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