Physical database architecture

Illustrate physical database architecture in brief.

The physical database architecture describes how the database and files are organized in a SQL server.

Pages and extents: these describe how the data is stored

Physical Database Files and File groups: describes the operating system files used to store data and logs.

Space Allocation and Reuse: Describes the algorithms used for space allocation.

Table and Index Architecture: Describes the way pages for tables can be indexed
What are pages and Extents?
A page is a unit of data storage in SQL. The size of a page is 8Kb. A page has a header and a body. Different types of pages are:......
What are constraints in SQL Server?
Constraints enforce the data integrity to the database and protect columns of the table from unwanted values......
Different ways of moving data/databases between servers and databases
There are several ways of doing this. One can use any of the following options: - BACKUP/RESTORE, Dettaching/attaching databases,.......
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