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Explain the Service Broker components.

Service broker components help build applications in which independent components work together to accomplish a task. These applications are independent, asynchronous and the components work together by exchanging information via messages. The service broker’s main job is to send and receive messages.

Explain the Service Broker components.

The following are the components of Service Broker:

Message: The basic unit of information that is transferred in a Service Broker application. These are received by Service Broker, the way they are sent and are guaranteed only for sending and receiving one at a time.

Conversation: After sending a message to Service Broker, a conversation, which is created for a particular task and deleted soon after the ask has been completed. It is the primary information exchange construct in Service Broker.

Queue: All messages are stored in a queue till the processing is completed. It is a special type of table which can be viewed only with SELECT statement on the name of the queue and INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE statements can not be issued. These messages on a queue will certainly persists even a server restarts, thus guarantees the non-loss of the message.

Service: Reading a messages and processing them is the action of service component. It can be a stored procedure or an ad hoc, or a different program which connects to the database server. Every services need to be associated with a queue.

Conversation Groups: The message processing is serializes and correlates the messages by using conversation groups. Each conversation is a member in a conversation group. The core concept is, some of the messages are related to other messages, and the conversation group puts them together in an ordered fashion.
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