Can you explain how to deploy an SSIS package? - Data warehousing

Can you explain how to deploy an SSIS package?

A SSIS package can be deployed using the Deploy SSIS Packages page. The package and its dependencies can be either deployed in a specified folder in the file system or in an instance of SQL server. The package needs to be indicated for any validation after installation. The next page of the wizard needs to be displayed. Skip to the Finish the Package Installation Wizard page.

Can you explain how to deploy an SSIS package?

1. Create a batch command file
@echo off
set DESTSERVER=yourserver
set SOURCE=%1
set DESTNAME=%~2
dtutil /FILE %SOURCE% /DestServer %DESTSERVER% /COPY
2. Add a menu to the External Tools menu

Click on “Tools”, followed by “External Tools…” . Then click “Add”. This will add a menu option under the menu “Tools”.
Type Deploy to MSDB in Title text box.
Type the full path to the batch command file created in step 1 in the Command text box.
Type $(ItemPath) $(ItemFileName in Arguments text box.

Add a space between the two arguments. A menu bar displays under Tools menu.

3. Add an custom icon for the deploy menu item in the toolbar

Right click the toolbar and click ‘Customise…’
In the ‘command’ tab, select the left list box ‘Tools’
Select ‘External Command 1’ and drag it to the toolbar
Click on ‘Rearrange Commands…’, and check the option ‘Toolbar’ and select the toolbar into which the menu item to be dropped. It is suggested to select ‘Standard tool bar’.
Select ‘External Command 1’ in the list box and click on ‘Modify Selection’. And click on ‘Edit Button editor’.

By clicking on newly added button icon, it will deploy the active SSIS package to server.
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