What are the new features with SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS)?

What are the new features with SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS)?

- It offers interoperability with Microsoft office 2007.
- It eases data mining by offering better data mining algorithms and enables better predictive analysis.
- Provides a faster query time and data refresh rates.
- Improved tools – the business intelligence development studio integrated into visual studio allows to add data mining into the development tool box.
- New wizards and designers for all major objects.
- Provides a new Data Source View (DSV) object, which provides an abstraction layer on top of the data source specifying which tables from the source are available.

Unified Dimensional Model: This model defines the entities used in the business, the business logic used to implement, metrics and calculations. This model is used by different analytical applications, spreadsheets etc for verification of the reports data.

Data Source View: The UML using the data source view is mapped to a wide array of back end data sources. This provides a comprehensive picture of the business irrespective of the location of data. With the new Data source view designer, a very user friendly interface is provided for navigation and exploring the data.

New aggregation functions: Previous analysis services aggregate functions like SUM, COUNT, DISTINCT etc were not suitable for all business needs. For instance, financial organizations cannot use aggregate functions like SUM or COUNT or finding out the first and the last record. New aggregate functions like FIRST CHILD, LAST CHILD, FIRST NON-EMPTY and LAST NON-EMPTY functions are introduced.

Querying tools: An enhanced query and browsing tool allows drag and drop dimensions and measures to the viewing pane of a cube. MDX queries and data mining extensions (DMX) can also be written. The new tool is easier and automatically alerts for any syntax errors.

What are the new features with SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS)?

- Interoperability with 2007 office system: This feature enables optimized interoperability, delivery of powerful and affordable business insight for information user.
- MS SQL Server Data Mining Add-ins for MS Office 2007: With this release, data mining became easier. It has add-ins for data mining which enables enterprises for making predictive analysis which are accessible to wider audience base by empowering harness the sophisticated data mining algorithms to end users.
- MS SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Performance Guide: This feature provides instant access to accurate information. It enables the end users to obtain answers to complex questions, surprisingly, at the speed of thought for OLAP.

The following are the new tools of SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services:

Unified Dimensional Model: The entities, business logic used for implementation, metrics and calculations are defined in this model. This model is utilized for different analytical applications, spreadsheets for reports data verification.

Data Source View: The data source view us used by UML for mapping to a wide array of back end data sources. This model provides the picture of the business irrespective of the data location.

New aggregate functions: The functions like FIRST CHILD, LAST CHIL, FIRST NON-EMPYT AND NON-EMPTY functions are available. These functions can be used in addition to basic aggregate functions, as these are not suitable for every business need.

Querying tools: Dimensions and measures can be dragged and dropped to viewing pane of a cube using query and browsing tool. Writing data mining extensions, MDX queries are the additional features. Syntax errors are automatically alerts with this tool.
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