Difference between training and development - training and development

What is the difference between training and development?

The basic difference between training and development is:

Training helps to make the employee of a company to be more effective and efficient in the present role and responsibilities of the job i.e. fulfill short term needs of any company but development helps to improve the overall personality dimensions of an employee to take up any future assignments if any and better equipped to handle any critical situations might occur i.e. fulfill long term needs of any company.
What is on and Off the Job Training? - training and development
On-the-job training is a type of learning process that usually occurs in an actual work environment..........
Making the training effective
The training is effective in all means if it - Imparts new skills, Inculcates new ideas, knowledge and concepts..........
Different methods in training employees - training and development
There are different training methods like on –the – job techniques, off-the-job techniques, role playing..........
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