7 Tips To Choose The Right Employer

7 Tips to Choose The Right Employer

Having gained some work experience, if you want to make a mark for yourself in the IT industry, your choice of employer can make a big difference. Here are some tips to choose a good employer.

Have you already spent some years in the software industry and want to make it big in the industry now?

Before we go ahead, it is important for you to answer one question for yourself – what do I mean by making it big? Does it just mean working for a bigger compensation? If your only criterion of being big is the compensation you are offered, probably you are not after making it big in the industry. Most of employers in the industry these days are paying competent salaries but it is not necessary that you will be able to make it big there.

Of course, I do not advocate being under paid as a sign of growing big. The right employers know the importance of their software development team and ensure that they are well paid.

Making it big means working in the right role, with the right employer, for a right compensation. At times, these employers can be small companies who have just started up.

So, here are certain things you should look out for while choosing your employer. You can find out the answers to most of these things during the face to face interview, by talking to some people in the industry or by conducting short researches over the internet.

1. Do these people know their products well?

It is extremely important that the people who are running the company know their products well. Many people might just start up the business, keep developing the product and may never actually finish it for installation.

These type of companies, even if they have a good financial back up do not run for long.

2. Do they research well before developing a product?

It is extremely important for a company to conduct proper researches before actually jumping on to development. So, it is important for you to find out about their approach while developing a new product.

3. Do the people who form the back bone of the company know their business well? Have they delivered in the past?

A company might start small but if the people who run the company, know their business, strengths and weaknesses well, the chances of company becoming a success are higher. So, try to find out the profile of the people behind the company.

4. Does the company look stable? Can they keep going for next 8-10 years?

Do they already have some products in the market? Are they already working for some clients? Or do they have a good financial back up to go on?

5. How is the work environment? Is it flexible, pleasant?

Do people working in the office look happy? Are they open to flexi – timings? Can you work remotely at times, if need be? Do you expect yourself to fit well there?

6. What is the position I am being offered?

What is the role offered to you? Does it offer you some challenges and an opportunity to grow? Will you be working with some people from whom you can learn new things?

7. Is the compensation offered in-line with the industry?

Good companies understand the value of their development team and offer them a competitive salary. They do not believe in exploiting their people.

Try to find out the answers to these questions about your prospective employer when you want to make a move to the next job. If you are satisfied with the answers to these questions, most of the times you will land up an opportunity which will give you a chance to grow big.
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