Actuarial Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Actuarial Analyst interview questions - These Actuarial Analyst questions have been designed to help you improve your skills to face interview questions on Actuarial Analyst. All freshers, BCA, BE, BTech, MCA and college students wanting to make a career in Actuarial Analyst will be highly benefited by these questions.


  • Following important questions on Actuarial Analyst have been covered here in this video:

    1. What is an Actuary?
    2. What are the important skills required to be a successful Actuary?
    3. What are the main responsibilities of an Actuary?
    4. What factors would you take into consideration while working out the premium for a policy?
    5. What do you mean by Technical Provisions?
    6. What role do Actuaries play in determining the technical provisions?
    7. What is the difference between Deterministic and Stochastic models? What according to you are the advantages of Stochastic models?
    - Neeraj Jha - (21 Feb 2020)