Cashier Interview Questions and Answers

Cashier interview questions - These Cashier questions have been designed to help you improve your skills to face interview questions. All freshers, college students, experienced wanting to become a Cashier will be highly benefited by these questions.


  • Following are few Cashier interview questions and answers are dealt here in the above video:

    1. What do you know about the responsibilities of a cashier?
    2. What are the key skills required to be a successful cashier?
    3. How would you handle a customer wanting to jump the queue?
    4. How would you handle the cash counter on a busy day when your co-cashier is not available?
    5. How would deal with a situation when you have made a mistake in billing?
    6.What do you think is the most difficult part of this job?
    7. How would you deal with an angry customer?
    8. Can to tell us a situation when you went out of the way to help a customer?
    - Neeraj Jha - (21 Feb 2020)