Credit Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Credit Analyst Interview Questions for freshers and experienced candidates. These questions will help you to crack your next Credit Analyst Job interview.


  • If you are going to appear an interview for the post of Credit Analyst, prepare these questions:

    1. What is Credit Analysis?
    2. How is a Credit Analyst different from a Loan Officer?
    3. What are the important responsibilities of a Credit Analyst?
    4. What skills should a candidate possess to be successful in this profession?
    5. What are some important Credit Analysis Ratios that help you decide the credit worthiness of a company?
    6. What process would you follow to decide if you should lend to a company or not?
    7. What is DSCR?
    8. What is LIBOR rate?
    9. What is CDS?
    - Neeraj Jha - (21 Feb 2020)