Machine Learning Interview Questions and Answers

Machine Learning interview questions - These Machine Learning questions have been designed to help you improve your skills to face interview questions on Machine Learning. All freshers, BCA, BE, BTech, MCA and college students wanting to make a career in Machine Learning will be highly benefited by these questions.


  • This video has covered quite a few important interview questions on Machine Learning:

    1. What are the different variants of Machine Learning algorithms?
    2. What are the qualities of a good Machine Learning code?
    3. What is the difference between Train Data vs Test Data?
    4. What are the most popular Regression algorithms used in Machine Learning?
    5. What are the advantages and disadvantages of K-Nearest Neighbors Algorithm?
    6. What are the important stages in Machine Learning Life Cycle?
    7. Difference between Classification and Regression in Machine Learning.
    8. The data files used for Machine Learning Algorithms can be very large at times. How would you handle them to avoid the crashing of algorithms or letting it run out of memory?
    9. What is Classification Accuracy?
    10. What is Data Leakage? How would you prevent it?
    11. What do you know about Bagging?
    - Neeraj Jha - (21 Feb 2020)