Project Manager Interview Questions and Answers

Project Manager interview questions - These Project Manager questions have been designed to help you improve your skills to face interview questions on Project Management. All freshers, BCA, BE, BTech, MCA and college students wanting to make a career in Project Management will be highly benefited by these questions.


  • We have covered here quite a few important questions on Project Management:

    1. Elaborate on the Project Management Life Cycle process.
    2. What is a Fishbone diagram and when would you use it?
    3. What do you understand of Pareto (80/20) principle/analysis?
    4. What are the most important skills required by a Project Manager to succeed?
    5. Describe the most challenging project you’ve had.
    6. How important is it for a project manager to be proactive?
    7. How would you describe your communication style?
    8. How would you motivate a team?
    9. How would you delegate responsibility during a very important project?
    10. How would you work with an under performing team member?
    - Neeraj Jha - (21 Feb 2020)