Software Quality Assurance Interview Questions and Answers

Software Quality Assurance interview questions - These Software Quality Assurance questions have been designed to help you improve your skills to face interview questions on Software Quality Assurance. All freshers, BCA, BE, BTech, MCA and college students wanting to make a career in Software Quality Assurance will be highly benefited by these questions.


  • We have covered here Software Quality Assurance interview questions that might be asked during an interview:

    1. What is the difference between Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Testing?
    2. What are the roles of software quality assurance engineer?
    3. What are the different types of software testing?
    4. What is negative testing?
    5. Explain Verification and Validation. Explain difference between Verification and Validation.
    6. What are the different verification techniques?
    7. What is the difference between Load and Stress testing?
    8. What is a Test Plan?
    9. What is a use case?
    10. Define Use Case Testing.
    11. What is Regression Testing?
    12. What is Traceability Matrix?
    13. Why is Automation Testing preferred over Manual Testing?
    14. When is test automation not desirable?
    15. Why is Performance testing necessary to be done for any application?
    16. Explain CMMI. Explain the Advantages of implementing CMMI.
    17. What is Agile testing and what is the importance of Agile testing?
    - Neeraj Jha - (21 Feb 2020)