Syllogism for Placement Tests, Job Interviews & Exams

Syllogism for Placement Tests, Job Interviews & Exams

Learn Syllogism with this complete video tutorial on logical reasoning. This online lecture is a part of our Logical Reasoning series. It will help you understand all the concepts of this chapter quickly and easily. Learn the short tricks to solve each questions quickly in your actual exam.

For whom is this video on Syllogism useful?

This video will be useful for all the candidates preparing for placement test, competitive exams and job interviews. This video is an ideal resource to help you prepare for MBA exams like MAT, CET, CMAT, SNAP, XAT, Bank exams, UPSC, LIC, AAO, RRB etc.

How to use this video for maximum advantage

We advise you to hold the video at certain places to take notes for future references. After learning the concepts thoroughly, make sure that you take our practice tests. Yes, we have got a plenty of practice questions on various topics of logical reasoning for preparation here. Our mock test will also be extremely helpful to you to get through the tests successfully.

By the end of this video you will be in a comfortable position to solve any question on Syllogism easily.

So, let's go ahead.


  • Statements
    some cows are rats
    Some rats are cats
    all cows are rats
    some cows are not rats
    - Ragasudha J - (31 May 2019)