Vote bank politics- Good or bad for the country?

Vote bank politics- Good or bad for the country?

'Vote bank' of a political party refers to that group/class/sect of the society that usually votes 'en masse' in favour of that party. Now each political party has this 'vote bank' that dedicatedly votes for them and is usually responsible for bringing them into power/making them politically powerful. Vote bank politics is often referred as voting on the basis of one’s cast or religion. In India, where diversity is one of the main feature, each party has its own vote bank- Hindus, Muslims, Dalits etc. but is this politics good or bad for the nation, let’s see:-


1. Vote bank politics is very decisive is ensuring the rights and progress of a certain group. For ex: - In India, Mayawati became the face of backward classes and she made sure that her vote banks (Dalits) are given their due.

2. In a country as diverse as India, it is very important to have vote bank politics because any single party will not be able to represent the manifestations and expectations of such widely diverse population.

3. When there is politics and elections, voter appeasement is inevitable. So, there is no harm if any party which represents a certain group seeks vote from them because only if they become its vote bank, that the party would continue its support for them.

4. For the unity of a nation, it is important that every class, caste, creed or religion has its own space and liberty. Vote bank politics ensures this and helps in maintaining the unity of the country.

5. Even before independence, Congress was made only to represent the agitation of the common Indian against the British rule. Similarly, Muslim League was formed to ensure the representation of Muslims in Independent India. So, vote bank politics has always been fruitful for the nation.

6. Because of vote bank politics, the downtrodden population of India has gained the confidence to rise and stand against all kind of atrocities. If a party makes women as its vote bank, it is bound to work for the upliftment of women.


1. Vote bank politics lately has been used as a tool to invoke the regional and casteist prejudices among the people of this country.

2. In India, the vote banks are divided only on the basis of their religion, caste, language or place of living. In every manner, this criterion has damaged the unity and integrity of India.

3. Babri Masjid demolition, exploitation of U.P.ites and Biharis in Mumbai, decision of releasing the killers of Rajiv Gandhi or even the Gujarat riots- they are all a few examples of the bad consequences of vote bank politics.

4. Now a days, politicians are least concerned about the progress of their vote bank. When elections are near, they appease their group either by provoking them against others or by making false promises.

5. It is because of vote bank politics that corrupt leaders and bad administrators come to power again and again.

6. In India, because of vote bank politics the real issues of the nation like Corruption, Inflation, and women security never get the required attention.

7. India is a much divided nation. Dalits vote for BSP, Hindus for BJP, and Tamils for AIADMK etc irrespective of the work done by those parties. This is because of vote bank appeasement politics.


Vote bank politics, initially was very good. It helped in the representation of one and all in the policies of the government. But in the current scenario, it has only become a method to exploit the prejudiced emotions of masses and cater more votes. But situation can improve only if the public of India is ready to rise above their religion or caste and vote for a candidate who is honest and hard working.
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  • RE: Vote bank politics- Good or bad for the country? -Deepa Kaushik (04/20/14)
  • Politics today is already corrupt to the extent that it hardly matters if they play a game of vote bank or not. Most of the parties get their victory with the false votes. It just matters which party has how many false votes. This is mainly due to the no-confidence motion of the common man on any political party or their virtue, which makes them not to vote and here comes up the game of false votes. So the actual number of supporters just forms the minority.

    If we talk of good politics following the ethics in their code of conduct, then it is not acceptable to have a vote bank politics. These types of vote bank politics can be played only on the ignorant sections of the society who lack their brains to clearly visualize the original intention of these political parties. And those who use their brain don’t excise their power to vote.

    Ideally speaking, the vote bank politics is not good for the country in any means. They will just lead the same party coming to the power repeatedly. So these parties get relaxed regarding the region to get to power and they hardly work with efficiency for the betterment of the society.