MCA freshers - CV samples and formats

MCA freshers - CV samples and formats

Ph: +91 87XXXXXXX
Email ID: Lmn****

Career Objective

Seeking an opportunity to work in challenging environment, learn new skills and enhance the same for companies growth and development.

Career Summary

-Having knowledge on C#, .NET, Core-Java ,C++,C.
-Ability to adopt and learn new technologies.
-Ability to communicate effectively with the team members.
-Capacity to work in team or individually and take up responsibilities.

Skill Set

Operating Systems : Windows, LINUX
Languages : C++, Core Java and C#.
Web Technologies : ASP.NET, HTML
Data Access Technology : ADO.NET
Databases : Basics of MS SQL Server 2000 , Oracle
Tools : MS Office, MS Visual Studio, .NET


-Certification course in .NET.
-Sun certified JAVA programmer

Academic Qualification

-Masters Of Computer Applications from ALL XYZ College, XXXX University with XX%.
-Bachelors Of Science in XYZ from XXXX College, ZZZ University with XX%.
-HSC From XXXX College, XYZ board with XX%.
-SSC From XXXX school, XYZ board with XX%.

Academic Project

Title: XYZ LMN

Project description

Converting the Database into the xml File. Retrieving the data from the selected database and converting those into Xml files


-Developing and maintaining applications using ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000 as frontend and back-end, respectively using .NET Framework 2.0.
-Involved in designing UML and Class Diagrams.
-Use of Test cases
-Used ASP .NET for developing WebPages.
-Used ADO.NET to connect the Database.


Co-curricular activities

-Participated in Blind programming competitions.
-Participated in Work shop on Mixed Signal Processing & Recent Advances in Electronics which is held at XYZ.


-Interested on listening to Music.
-Playing Cricket and Computer Games.
-Chatting With Friends.

Personal Details

-D.O.B : XX/XX/19XX
-Languages known : English, Hindi and Telugu
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  • Santosh Jha
    Phone: +91-XXXXXXXXXXXX


    Quest to work in a real professional atmosphere that enables me to cope up with the emerging as well as the latest technology and which gives me the scope of widening the spectrum of my knowledge.



    Professional Skill :

    Languages : C, JAVA.
    Web Technologies : Servlet, JSP, JDBC, and HTML.
    Tools Used : Net Beans 7.0,

    Summer Training :

    Summer Project Training at Java Development Centre (Allahabad) Course: JAVA (J2EE)

    Duration: 2.5 month

    Projects Undertaking:

    Project - Career Portal

    Software Requirements :

    -Windows XP/NT/98/7
    -java Development Kit
    -java Run Time Environment

    Description: My project is build using JSP and Servlets tools of Java. The basic purpose of the project was to work as the medium between the job seekers and job givers. The project is made in three modules viz- job seeker, job giver and admin. The job giver can register on the site and post new jobs on behalf of organization, while the job seekers can register and apply for the job as per their eligibility, qualification or interest. Job seekers can also search for jobs according to qualification or location. The project is build using Net Beans Platform

    Extra Curricular Activities:

    -Participated in Robotics conducted by Robotic Wares at SPMIT-Allahabad.
    -Participated in Second Science Conclave: A Congregation of Nobel Laureates at IIIT-Allahabad.
    -Awarded with SP Memorial Medal for Academic Excellence for standing first in the male category in academic year 2010-11

    Languages Known:

    English, Hindi, Marathi.


    Net Surfing, Reading Books.


    -Quality of organizing events.
    -Have good leadership quality.
    -Can work effectively in team as well as individual.
    -A quick learner.
    -Sincere & Goal Oriented

    Personal Data:

    Dob: 11 October 1990
    Sex : Male
    Nationality: INDIAN

    Declaration: I hereby declare that the above information is correct to the best of my Knowledge.
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  • Anurag Ghosh
    E-Mail -
    Contact no. - XXXXXXXXXXXXX


    To be associated with a progressive organization which gives me scope to apply my knowledge and skills as well as develop them further. Seeking a position in the field of IT where fresh talent will add value to operations and thereby exceed the commitments for the position I would work for.



    -Done MCA from Uttar Pradesh technical University Lucknow with an aggregate of 77%( 2009).
    -B.Sc from C.C.S University, Meerut (2006).


    -12th from XXXXXXXXX with an aggregate of 68 %( 2002).
    -10th from XXXXXXXX with an aggregate of 71 %( 2000).

    Computer/ IT Skills

    -Major Computer Languages known: Java, J2EE, HTML, SQL, C, C++
    -Web technology: JSP, Servlet, JDBC, Dreamweaver
    -Web server: Apache Tomcat, Bea WebLogic.
    -Other Miscellaneous Software: MS Office, Netbeans, Microsoft FrontPage, My Eclipse
    -Major Databases Known: Microsoft SQL Server2000, Oracle, MS Access.

    Project Details in MCA

    Project Title:

    1.Online Banking System

    Language: Front-end Core Java, Backend SQL Server.

    2.Online Pizza

    Language: Front-end Java, Backend SQL Server.

    Web technology: JDBC ,Servlet

    Project Undertaken During Final Semester and Experience

    Project Title: Online Reminder

    Project Description: Online is a web based application. It provides functionality of creating and editing Reminder lists, sending reminders to the specified persons through email and SMS at the specified time and frequency. This application can be used stand alone or can be integrated with another web application or portal as a service.
    Languages and Techniques used: HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, J2EE(JSP,Servlets), SQL Server.
    Company Name: Saffron e-services (Jan 09-June 09):

    Duration : 6 months

    Teacher (July 09-Jan 11):

    Teaching: BCA, MCA students (C++, C, Core Java, SQL).

    Other Credentials

    -Underwent 6 months project training in Saffron e-services, Noida.
    -Attended the seminars on:

    1. Personality Development.
    2.Upcoming technologies in market.

    -Attended Convergence India IT-fairs, Delhi.

    Languages Known - English, Hindi, Punjabi.


    To solve puzzles, reading motivational books, cooking, to learn new things.


    Generous, Hard Working, Self-Confidence, Positive Attitude, Believe in teamwork.


    -Got selected in Satyam for 2009 Batch.
    -Got 1st rank in Merit List of MCA in college.

    Personal Details


    All entries made in this resume are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. (Can produce original certificates on demand).

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  • Sonu Jain
    Contact No:+91-XXXXXXXXXX

    Master of Computer Application, MCA

    I’m an ambitious and successful individual with right attitude, looking for the right position that provides me opportunities for continued learning in a challenging environment thus helping me build a strong and successful career. I’m willing to do my best to put my skills to the best use of the organization that gives me the right opportunity.



    Interesting Areas - Developing a Programming code, Webpages, Mobile application

    Skill sets

    Programming Language - C, C++, JAVA , JDBC, Servlets, JSP,Struts,Hibernate,Spring
    Scripting Language - HTML, DHTML, CSS, JavaScript
    Database - SQL, PL/SQL, MySQL
    Webserver - Tomcat4.x/5.x
    Development Tools - Eclipse,Notepad
    Mobile Application - Android


    Project Title - XXXXXX
    Software Requirements - J2EE Technologies


    -The Defoliant Ware House is a web-based system, which gives information relating to the clients and dealers of the company with respect to its pesticides product launches.
    -This project would automate the operations of the management and would retain the present functionality available in the current system.
    -In this project I use the four modules i.e., those are admin module, dealer module, customer module, report module.

    -Involved in Analysis and Design phases of the different modules using UML diagrams
    -Involved in understanding the requirements and design documents
    -Used Java Script for client validations
    -Involved in developing GUI using Swings and AWT

    Project Title - XXXXXXX
    Software Requirements - J2EE Technologies

    Description :

    -This project name “ITZACK” is a web project to be developed which mainly aim to give the complete information about various Training Institution’s across in India.
    -Get extensive details on education institutes in India providing training facilities in various fields such as computers, human resources, information technology, media, social things etc.
    -View online website listing of popular training institutes of India and browse these websites to get important information such as course details, fee structure, and admission procedure and contact details from this vast training institute web guide.


    -Involved in web development using JDBC, Servlets.
    -Involved into writing Server & Client side validations.
    -Developing & deploying Servlets components.

    Personal details

    Father’s Name
    Date of Birth
    Permanent Address
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  • MCA freshers CV sample

    Mobile: +91-85********

    Career Objective

    Seeking for an opportunity and contribute my skills and abilities for the growth of the organization and my professional career.

    Key Skills

    -Languages: C, C++, Java, .NET.
    -Database Oracle 9i and 10g
    -Web Technologies: HTML,Servlets,JSP
    -Frame Works: Struts, Hibernate
    -Operating Systems Windows 98/XP/Vista/7
    -Web servers: Tomcat 5.5


    -Quick learner.
    -Patient and handworker.
    -Zeal to learn new things.

    Academic Qualification

    -MCA from “XYZ University”with 80% in 20**.
    -B.Sc. (CS) from “XYZ University” with 82.5% in 20**.
    -HSC from xyz school, CBSE board with 75.8% in 20**.

    Academic Projects Undertaken

    Project: Resource Planner
    Team size: six.
    Front end: Java
    Back end: SQL server.
    Description: This project is a convenient tool to handle multiple projects on any software company. It helps to access and save information’s related to number of employees on projects along

    with their skill sets and number of employees need to complete the project.

    Vocational Trainings

    Successfully completed three months training with “XYZ” company from May 20** to July 20**. The training includes:

    -Installation of Eclipse.
    -Creating Java project.
    -Creating web projects using different package.
    -Installing tomcat server in eclipse.
    - Running Web Application in Eclipse with Tomcat.
    -Learnt JSP, Servlet, Struts, Hibernate and Spring.


    -Achieved Singles Tennis Championship in College.
    -Achieved Best Student Award in HSSC.

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    -Seminars delivered on Cloud Computing in the Annual college conference.
    -Participated in several projects.


    -Playing Guitar.
    -Playing Tennis.
    -Net surfing.

    Personal Details

    -Date of Birth: 30 June 19**.
    -Languages known: Hindi and English.
    -Address: XYZ
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  • MCA freshers CV sample

    Nitish XXXXX
    E mail Id:
    Contact: XXXXXXXXXX

    Career Objective

    To acquire a entry level position in a reputed firm to use and enhance my software and technical skills for the profitability of the firm.

    Technical Exposure

    -Good knowledge of SAS (Statistical analysis system) software.
    -Highly skilled in SQL, Macros, and DBMS.
    -Good command over languages like C, C++, Java, and .Net.
    -Can work with widows 2007, Vista, 2003, XP, and Linux.
    -Visual Basic.
    -Knowledge about networking.

    Educational Background

    -First class passed MCA from XXXXX University in year XXXX with XX %.
    -BCA from XXXX College in year XXXX with XX %.
    -Passed higher secondary from XXXX Board in year XXXX with XX %.
    -High school passed in year XXXX from XXXXX board with XX %.

    Certification Course

    -Certified SAS base programming from XXXX institute.
    -Certified course in Java technologies from XXXXX Institute.

    Projects Undertaken

    -Project title: Call centre management system.

    Team size: 4

    Responsibility: Coding and data base management.

    About the project: This project is about the management of database, data storage, data flow, reports generation, and customer call. This help in generating the report for the clients.

    Acquired knowledge of RDBMS (relational database management system), understood and prepare software development life cycle processes.

    -Project Title: Cinema Management.

    Language: Java

    About the project: This project is developed to help in booking the online movie ticket and get availability of seats. This project gives the complete details about all the movies available

    in various cinema halls.

    Personal skills

    -Excellent problem solving skills.
    -Positive attitude.
    -Risk taking and managing behavior.
    -Always ready to take the responsibility.
    -Can adapt easily with work environment.


    -Playing badminton.
    -Surfing internet.

    Personal details

    Date of birth: XX-XX-XXXX
    Languages known: English, Hindi, and XXXXX
    Address: XXXXXXXXXXX
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  • MCA freshers CV sample

    91 98230*****


    To join an Organisation which would help showcase my talent,knowledge & technique in the field of Computer Applications.


    -Master of Computer Applications from ACB Institute with 1st Class.
    -Bachelor of Computer Applications from CWB Institute with 1st Class.
    -HSC from MSG College of Commerce with 1st Class.
    -SSC from CGP School with Distinction.


    Project Topics

    -Voice Diffusion System (BCA).
    -Advertisement Tracking System using SOA (BCA).

    -Project 1: Portable Compiler (MCA).
    Language of implementation : C

    Project Description :
    In this project lexical analysis, parsing, semantic checking and code generation.

    -Project 2: Student Database Management System (MCA).


    Languages:C++,Core Java and C#.
    Web Technologies:ASP.NET, HTML
    Data Access Technology:ADO.NET
    Databases:Basics of MS SQL Server 2000
    Tools:MS Office, MS Visual Studio .NET 2005.
    Programming Languages: Java, .NET, PHP
    Operating Systems:Windows 95, 98, XP, Linux, MS-DOS
    Packages:Microsoft Office
    RDBMS:Oracle,MS-SQL server


    -Good command over English language.
    -Positive and Aggressive.
    -Effective presentation skills.
    -Excellent in Operating Systems.
    -Flexible and Adaptabale.


    -Playing Soccer.
    -Collecting stamps.


    -Participation in National Level Seminar during MCA.
    -Got first prize in Group Discussion in the Inter-college competition.
    -Received Best Student award during SSC.


    Address:34 Avenue,12-2 street,HJS.
    Date Of Birth:9/08/19**
    Languages known:English,Hindi,Tamil.
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  • Dheraj sawant
    Mobile: +91-9964058788


    To pursue a career in an esteemed organization, holding a responsible position which would enhance my skills to work in a competitive environment and carve a winning edge for the organization.

    Educational Profile

    -Completed MCA from...........
    -Completed BSc from ..........

    Software Exposure

    Operating System - Windows 7/ XP.
    Programming Languages - C, C++, C#,VB.NET.
    Database - Oracle, SQL SERVER 2008,MYSQL.
    Concepts - OOPS, Data Structures.
    Web Technologies - ASP.NET,HTML, XML, Ajax, Javascript, Jquery

    Achievements & Extra-Curricular Activities

    -Secured 77th rank in GAT-08.
    -Industrial visit in “Symbiosis Technologies” in the field of Information Technology.
    -Organized the events of Science Expo in GITAM UNIVERSITY
    -Actively participated in “TECHNOHOLIX-09”.

    Personal Traits

    -Good communication skills.
    -Committed, Hard working and quick learner.
    -Ability to work with team or as individual.
    -Zeal to learn new Technologies.

    Project profile

    Project name -
    Software’s used -
    Duration -
    Description -

    Personal Profile:

    Date of birth
    Languages known
    Permanent address
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  • Kishore Jha
    Contact No.:09XXXXXXXX
    Current location - Delhi

    In pursuit of challenging and enriching assignments in Software Development/ System Administration


    -Successfully completed MCA from .............
    -Proficient in grasping new technical concepts and utilizing them in an effective management.
    -A proactive learner with a flair for adopting emerging trends and addressing industry requirements to achieve organizational objectives & profitability norms.
    -An impressive communicator with honed interpersonal, team building, negotiation, presentation, convincing and analytical skills.
    -Acquainted with Java technologies involving database, distributed computing, networks and security.
    -Acquainted with network administration involving installation, configuration, tuning and troubleshooting of networks along with network design and management.
    -Enriched with software development life cycles, involving problem understanding, UML designing and etc.
    -Penchant for Java application development, Web designing, Vb.Net application development.
    -Ingrained knowledge in SDLC, Database management, OO Modelling using UML.
    -Installation, configuration and upgrading of Microsoft Server operating Systems and related products.
    -Take care of the network design and implementation.
    -Implement and maintain network security (create and maintain users and roles, assign privileges).




    -Successfully attended two days workshop on ............
    -Successfully attended two days workshop on ............


    2012 MCA from ............
    2010 B.Sc. in Information Technology from ............
    2007 12th from ..............
    2005 10th from ..............

    Other Courses:

    Post Graduate Diploma in Management ........
    CCNA Course from ........
    2010 Certificate in ...........
    2009 Certificate in ...........


    -Well versed with Java, C, HTML, XML, UML designing, Hardware & Networking.


    Date of Birth: -
    Contact Address: -
    Languages Known: -
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  • Jatin Kapoor
    Contact : +91XXXXXXXXXXXXX
    Email ID :


    Seeking a learning, challenging & progressive career which could provide me with sufficient opportunities to apply my academic knowledge for achieving organizational goal & as well as my personal enrichment.


    MCA - Mumbai University - 2009-2012 - 68.50%
    B.Sc(Chemistry) - Mumbai University - 2006-09 - 62%
    H.S.C - Maharashtra State Board 2004 - 49.83%
    S.S.C - Maharashtra State Board 2002 - 76.13%

    EXPERIENCE (Internship – 6 month ) :


    Project Title - Training Center Automation (Live)
    Front end - .NET(C# , ASP) and JavaScript.
    Back end - Microsoft SQL Server 2008


    Student makes Enquiry online OR by approaching to Institute. At the time of Enquiry Student is registered and an auto-generate password is send to the Student through Email. The Role of student will be ‘Prospect-student’ until he/she enrolls in a course. If the student enrolls his/her role changes to ‘Student’. Registration of Employee is also done only by Admin. After registration the User (Student OR Employee) can change his/her password and profile by login to the Website. The password is hashed using SHA and stored in Binary format. The Employee may have multiple roles. The Student follow-up is done by the Employee Only. At the time of follow-up the employee can also filter the Enquiry by ‘Name’, ’Status’ and ’Course’. At the time of follow-up the employee can insert comment of the follow-up and he can change the student status as ‘Pending’ -> ‘Not-interested’. The Admin can also list the Enrolled Student as well as Employee and search them by their name.


    -Operating Systems - Windows 98/XP, VISTA, 7.
    -Programming Languages - C#, C, C++,JAVA
    -Web Technologies - ASP.NET, HTML.
    -Database - SQL Server 2008, ORACLE.
    -Application Software - MS-Office (Word, Excel, and Power Point (2003, 2007).


    .Net Framework 4.0. from MIKADO SOLUTION THANE


    Date of Birth -
    Gender -
    Marital Status -
    Nationality -
    Languages Spoken -
    Hobbies -


    I declare that the facts stated hereby are authentic and true to the best of my knowledge.
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  • MCA freshers - CV samples and formats

    Mobile: 78****************


    To make best use of my acquired skills with an opportunity to improve on the same, and contribute to the growth of the firm in every way possible


    -MCA from PPQQRR University with an aggregate of 67% in the year **12.
    -Graduation in science from PPQQRR University with an aggregate of 61% in the year ##09.
    -Intermediate from Board of Intermediate Education with an aggregate of 68.9% in the year 20$$.
    -SSC from Secondary School of Education with an aggregate of 87% in the year 20##.


    Programming Languages : C, C++, JAVA
    Database : Oracle
    Scripting Languages : HTML
    Operating Systems : Windows XP, Windows7


    Main Project - XYZ Banking
    Company Name - RRSSTT Technologies Pvt.Ltd
    Duration - 6 months
    Software used - Servlets, Jsp, HTML
    Database - Oracle


    The main objective of the proposed solution is to be automated the various functions and activities of the bank through Inter XYZ bank. The solution will facilitate to the bank employees and

    the account holders with the different modules. This solution is very much necessary for the private sector banks and the corporate sector. The banking industry will take a new shape and

    explore like never before. Using the solution the bankers and account holders can generate various kinds of reports. This Project facilitates the user to login into his/her account perform

    his/her desired transactions and once user is done with the functions of XYZ Banking he/she can logout of the application.


    -Able to do work individually as well as in team.
    -Willing to learn and hardworking.
    -Good analytical skills and logical skills.
    -Adaptability to changing the environment and trends.

    Extra Curricular Activities and Achievements

    Volunteered in South Indian level IT Fest “FFFRRRR” - Feb/20**


    Presented “Touch Screen Technology” in fifth semester MCA - Nov/20**
    Attended “International Conference on Computer Architecture, Networking and Applications” organized by XYZ Committee. - June/20**


    Name :
    Date of Birth :
    Languages Known :
    Permanent Address :
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  • MCA freshers CV sample


    Intend to build career with leading corporate of hi-tech environment with committed & dedicated
    people, which helps to explore myself for the growth of organization.


    Programming Languages : C, C++, Java.
    -Database : Oracle 8i and MySql.
    -Scripting : Shell Script, perl and Java Script.
    -Operating Systems : Programming skills on Unix(Linux) and Windows environment.
    -Hardware Basics : Computer Hardware


    Examination - Institution - University/Board - Year - Percentage


    Presented Technical Paper titled “Predicting Good Performers Using Classification
    Technique” in the national conference on information and communication technology(NCICT-
    2011) at New Horizon College of engineering.


    Project Title : XXXXXXXXXX
    Technology Used : JDK 1.6, Apache tomcat 6.0, Oracle 8i and Eclipse.

    Project Description



    -Comprehensive problem solving abilities.
    -Excellent verbal communication skills.
    -Ability to deal with people diplomatically.
    -Willing to learn and team facilitator.


    Date of birth