General Science - General Knowledge questions and answers

General Science - General Knowledge questions and answers for all competitive exams and entrance test

1. In which months are Kharif crops harvested?

a.) March – April
b.) May – June
c.) June July
d.) August- September
e.) October- November

2. When the large masses of bed rocks slide quickly, the phenomenon is called as:

a.) Land slide
b.) Earthquake
c.) Weathering
d.) Withering

3. Which of the following animals do not have jaws?

a.) Mammals
b.) Protochordates
c.) Reptiles
d.) Birds
e.) Fish

4. __________ eyes help cockroaches to see the objects all around them.

a.) Simple
b.) Compound
c.) 180 degree
d.) Over head

5. Jaundice exhibits the malfunctioning of which organ?

a.) Gall bladder
b.) Stomach
c.) Liver
d.) Long Intestine

6. The oil in the wick of an oil lamp rises up due to the phenomenon of :

a.) difference in pressure
b.) gravitational pull
c.) capillary action
d.) oil being lighter

7. Why are water droplets spherical?

a.) A sphere has smallest surface area for a given volume.
b.) To assume the largest surface area for the given volume.
c.) Intermolecular forces being very strong in water.
d.) Intermolecular forces being very weak in water.

8. The water in your area is hard. It means - it has high concentration of two metal ions. Which ions are they?

a.) Sodium and Calcium
b.) Potassium and Magnesium
c.) Calcium and Magnesium
d.) Sodium and Berrylium

9. You want to convert biodegradable waste into useful substance. What additional thing do you need?

a.) Viruses
b.) Algae
c.) Radioactive substances
d.) Bacteria

10. _______________ causes biomagnification problem in the Ecosystem.

a.) Lead
b.) Mercury
c.) Chromium
d.) Copper

11. Death in Carbon dioxide atmosphere occurs due to –

a.) lack of oxygen
b.) suffocation
c.) destruction of tissues
d.) it stopping the functioning of brain

12. This digestive juice has no enzymes. What is it called?

a.) Saliva
b.) Intestinal juice
c.) Bile juice
d.) Gastric juice

13. Termination of a foetus is called as __________.

a.) Delivery
b.) Abortion
c.) Parturition
d.) Conception

14. In case of thyroid malfunctioning, the levels of which hormone get effected:

a.) TSH
b.) Cortisol
c.) Adrenaline
d.) Estrogen

15. Which gland is effected by hypothyroid?

a.) Pitutary
b.) Adrenal
c.) Thyroid
d.) Ovary

16. The leaves of a tree or plant are green due to the presence of:

a.) Chlorophyll
b.) Green colour
c.) Nitrogen
d.) Oxygen

17. Sun can also be termed as:

a.) Fission reactor
b.) Fusion reactor
c.) Radioactive reactor
d.) None of the above

18. Heavy water is used as a ___________ in nuclear reactor.

a.) coolant
b.) moderator
c.) fuel
d.) catalyst

19. A solid needle when placed horizontally on surface of water did not sink. This happened due to the phenomenon of:

a. Gravitational force
b. Needle being light
c. Surface tension
d. Attraction

20. Seed will not germinate if there is no __________.

a.) soil
b.) light
c.) water
d.) heat
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  • RE: General Science - General Knowledge questions and answers -poonam (06/01/18)
  • sir where are the answes of these questions
  • RE: General Science - General Knowledge questions and answers -vikas (07/10/17)
  • Sir, there is question that seed is not produced without..........
    D.none of these
    And its answer is given ...B(water)
    But sir its real answer A.and B hona chaiye
    Because without soil.also not seed grow
  • RE: General Science - General Knowledge questions and answers -anil kumar (06/12/17)
  • very helpful
  • RE: General Science - General Knowledge questions and answers -ravinder (08/17/15)
  • last general knowledge questional
  • ANSWER: General Science questions and answers -Kshipra Singh (09/10/13)

    1. e
    2. a
    3. b
    4. b
    5. c
    6. c
    7. a
    8. c
    9. d
    10. b
    11. b
    12. c
    13. b
    14. a
    15. c
    16. a
    17. b
    18. b
    19. c
    20. c