TCS aptitude placement paper

HI Friends,

I am pleased to share that I have finally got a placement at TCS. When the news about TCS visiting or college campus broke off, we all got very excited. Afterall, it was an opportunity to get a placement at one of the best companies in India. We appeared for the test after a lot of preparation. They asked us questions on quantitative aptitude. I am sharing some of the questions with you guys here and I hope that you find them useful.

A Dog takes 8 leaps for every 7 leaps of a hare but 6 leaps of a dog are equal to 8 leaps of the hare. Compare their speeds.
a) 32:42 b) 32:41 c) 31:41 d) none

What is the least number that should be subtracted from 884740 to obtain a perfect cube?
a) 8 b) 9 c) 4 d) 7

A train travelling at rate of 180 kmph crosses a pole in 50 sec. Its length is
a) 1250 m b) 2500 m c) 2700 m d) 2250 m

A person runs from A to B.He took ΒΌ of the time less to reach B when compared to be run at normal speed. By what percentage has he increased his speed?
a) 40 b) 44.4 c) 33.3 d) 22.2

The bacteria has the probability of split into 3 and probability to die is 1/3rd of the total bacteria.Let the probability is P.Some of them survived with probability 1/5.Then which among the following relation is true?

a)P=1/3+1/5*3 b)P=1/5*(1/8-3) c) None

A student scored an average of 74 out of 100 for 7 subjects and he got 79 marks in the 8th subject. what is the average of all the subject?

a) 76.251 b) 80.25 c) 74.265 d) 74.625

How many 9 digit numbers are possible by using the digits 1,2,3,4,5 which are divisible by 4 if the repetition is allowed?
a)57 b)56 c)59 d)58

A hare and a tortoise have a race along a circle of 100 yards diameter. The hare starts after the tortoise has covered 1/5 of its distance and that too leisurely.The tortoise goes in one direction and the. The hare and tortoise meet when the hare has covered only 1/8 of the distance. By what factor should the hare increase its speed so as to tie the race?

a) 37.80 b)8 c) 40 d) 5

A and B play a game of dice. The dice consist of colors on their faces (instead of numbers). When the dice are thrown, A wins if both show the same color; otherwise B wins. One dice has 4 red face and 2 blue faces. How many red and blue faces should the other dice have for both the players to have same chances of winning?

a) 3 red and 3 blue faces b) 2 red and remaining blue c) 6 red and 0 blue d) 4 red and remaining blue

A horse starts chasing a pony 2 hours after it has started running. Horse takes 3 hours to reach the pony. If the average speed of the horse is 81Kmph.Then what is the average speed of the pony?
a) 46.4 b) 51 c) 53.4 d) 48.6
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