10 tips to effectively handle conference calls

10 tips to effectively handle conference calls

Conference calls are a very expedient and cost-effective way to mien a meeting at any time in any place, as you are not investing your money and time in wandering.

Even though a lot of people have this imprint that a conference call is all about depraved and dreary dialogue over the phone.
But as the famous saying goes, “everything has its own pros and cons” so does conference calls has its own advantages as well as disadvantages.

Let us first explore the advantages of conference calls and then we shall go through the disadvantages of conference calls.


• You can connect with more people as conference calls are mostly conceded out on telephones

• Provides easy usage as most of us are aware of the technology

• The use of technology is unswerving

• Conference calls are less time consuming

• The accessibility to phones is always there, hence it is easy accessibility


• The transmission of the audio conferencing may be of poor quality

• If there is a lot of background noise then the audibility of the opposite person decreases

• If a large group is involved for conferencing then a facilitator is needed for the smooth transition of the conference call

• Having a facilitator may be a costly affair

• As a conference call does not support images, it is often that you cannot see the person with whom you are interacting, which each and every individual may not be comfortable with

• At times, while communicating a lot of unsaid things are understood with our non – verbal gestures, which will obviously not be possible in a conference call, hence leading to misconceptions

Tips to effectively handle conference calls

1. Eradicate your background score
We all like to have a call, where there is no background noise. Similarly if there is a lot of background noise while you are on a conference call people on the other end will not be able to hear you and it might be disturbing for them.

While you are on a business conference call, it is for sure that you are not having a leisure talk. Hence if there is a lot of background score, it will disturb and you will not be able to discuss the issues effectively.

2. Stick to the memo
Do not deviate from the topic of discussion. You have an agenda in hand which shows the topics of discussion. Be sure that you do not start a topic of your own and discuss.

3. Remember you are not visualising the people
While on a conference call, recall you cannot see the people. Hence you have to make use of your voice. Moments where you can use your gestures to say something, on a conference call you got to use your voice for the same.

For Example, while having a face to face conversation you could just look at the person and ask them what their take on the particular decision is, but while you are on a conference call, you got to address that person and ask his point of view.

4. Wait for your turn
If you have to say some thing or give any opinion of yours on the on-going discussion, wait for your turn. In the excitement of giving your opinion, don’t just jump in between the conversation. It interrupts the other people’s discussion leaving them exasperated.

5. Who is leading the conference call
You need to have a person who is arranging and managing the conference call, especially if it comprises of a large number of people in the conference call. The frontrunner will take care of any connection error or any other technical glitch.

After rectifying the faults, the facilitator can again initiate the conference call. In-case of any fights amongst the employees, she can act as a mediator in resolving the conflicts.

6. Introduce yourself when you communicate
This is one important aspect that you need to take care of before getting involved in a conference call. While you are having a face to face meeting, you can envisage who is talking, but in a conference call your vocal sound is the only thing that delineates who you are.

Always acquaint yourself first so as to avoid any kind of misperception. At times in the same conference call, you find people having similar voice, which might be due to a technical fault as well. But it is confusing for others hence; always introduce you to others before starting a conversation.

If required repeat on being asked, or before remarking on anything just voice your name again unless you are being told that they can distinguish your voice.

7. Be punctual
Try to be available at the time of the conference call, so as to avoid any kind of postponements. If you are the leader or the facilitator make sure you start the conference call on the pre-decided time. A good way of keeping everyone punctual for the conference call, send an email reminder for the timings.

8. Do not assume
Think before you speak is commonly said. Do not assume that the particular person is not there on a conference call, just because you did not hear him. And hence you have to be careful while choosing your words as well as opinions. Do not use derogatory statements or criticise any one, just because you assumed he is not present in the conference call.

9. When to use the mute button
If you have switched on the mute button, then the speaker might not get any response from your end and you will also miss the opportunity to express your views on the discussed topic. Plus you have not been invited on a conference call to be on mute. You have to contribute with your views and ideas.

10.Have the list of topics being discussed in front of you
It is always better if you have the agenda in front of your eyes, so that you do not miss on any topic which is being discussed. Plus if you are not aware about any topic you could make your own prior preparation, so that you could indulge actively in the discussion.

With this you will not only increase your productivity, but will also give an impression on others that you were well prepared and are an active participant.

11. Take notes
Note down any important things discussed in a conference call as you would do it in a regular meeting. You may need to refer to them.
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