10 tips to prepare for the board exams in last 2 months.

10 tips to prepare for the board exams in last 2 months.

Xth and XIIth board exams are soon approaching and the last two months are the most crucial ones for your preparation. To ensure that there are no last minute hassles and you score well, you need make a separate timetable to study along with your everyday school routine during these last months. Here are some useful tips that can help you prepare yourself for the exams in a faster and better way.

1.Fix a timetable- In order to study in a regular manner, you should make a timetable for each day. This can help you manage time for all the subjects in a proper way.

2.Make a regular routine - Fix a particular portion to be studied each day. Make sure you complete the fixed portion the same day. Do not carry it forward to the next day as it can ruin the preset routine of yours.

3.Understand the basics- Instead of mugging up everything try to understand the basic concepts behind the subjects. This habit can help you remember your subjects for a long time.

4.Make brief notes- While studying try making brief notes as this can help you in your revision. You cannot study everything one day before the exam. These notes enhance your potential to revise.

5.Have variety in your daily study- Try to study different subjects in a day and do not just stick to one for hours. Variety in your study will keep you interested in it.

6.Focus on weaker subjects- You must give some extra time to your weaker subjects everyday and try making them strong. Find your mistakes and try not to repeat them.

7.Do not lose your concentration- Keep yourself ready with all the necessities before you sit at your study table. Getting up from your place every time not only makes you lose time but also your concentration.

8.Do not give much importance to hours- It does not matter how many hours a day you study, it is how you utilise the hours. Do not exhaust yourself studying for very long hours. Give some rest to yourself.

9.Solve sample papers- You must solve at least two sample papers at the end of your study everyday. This helps you to get familiar with the question-paper pattern.

10.For Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics- Make it a habit to solve 10 questions from each of these subjects everyday as these are practice-based subjects.
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