100% cut off marks in DU - Is it justifiable?

100% cut off marks in DU – Is it justifiable?


The admissions in Delhi University has once again touched the 100 per cent cut off marks in two colleges for the undergraduate courses.

Cut off mark is the minimum mark or percentage that a candidate requires to enter a course or college.

College of Vocational Studies and Indraprastha College for Women have released their first cut off marks as 100 per cent for the Computer Science program. This is applicable only for the general students.

As the admission season has spread across the nation, most of the colleges have started increasing their cut off marks. But the recent cut off list released by the Delhi University has surprised every one including the student – parents community.

Is it justifiable on part of the DU to increase the cut off to 100%? Let's have a look.

Yes – It is justifiable

1. Major rush – As the admission season approaches, most of the colleges experience a major rush. Earlier, there was a rush only for the engineering courses, but today, all the streams experience a huge rush. The rising number of applications are the main reason for the high cut offs. It helps to control the admissions.

2. Motivates students – Setting a high cut off mark motivates the students to study hard and prepare well for their exams. It makes them realize the fact that to get into a good college, you need a good percentile.

3. Uniform policy – Earlier students had to check the eligibility criteria for every course. But by increasing the cut off rate for a particular course in DU, students do not have to keep an eye on the changing edibility criteria. The policy will remain uniform.

4. Increases the competition – The increase in cut off marks is highly justifiable as it increases the spirit of competition among the students. Every student follows a dream of getting admission into a highly reputed and good institute. The 100% cut off marks system would encourage every student to study well and it would give them a passion to come ahead in the race.

No – It is not justifiable

1. Demotivates – Setting high cut off marks can discourage the average students.The university should understand that not every student is equally brilliant.

2. Intellectual ability – These high cut off rates released by the Delhi University are not at all justified. Cut off lists cannot portray the intellectual ability of a candidate. Intellectual ability can be tested only through IQ's and interviews. A 100 percent cut off is pointless as they would only get brilliant students and in the long run, it will push away more prospective students.

3. Illogical – Fixing for such high percentages for cut offs is illogical and it only adds to the academic pressure. There is already too much pressure on the students to perform well in the internal and external exams.

4. Biased – The entire point of an eduction system is to provide an equal opportunity. By raising the cut off marks, a lot of talented students are missing the opportunity to get into a good institute like DU.


Anxiety levels are certainly on a rise as the Delhi university has increased the cut off marks for the admission into two colleges.

It is not justifiable on part of the college authorities to keep a 100% cut off mark for undergraduate students. Rather than just focusing on the academics, the authorities should also conduct interviews and aptitude tests wherein the student can prove his mental ability level.

The high cut off percentile would dishearten a lot of students as it would prevent them getting admission into a prestigious institute. The authorities should not consider the brilliant students but also the average students, who would excel, if given an opportunity.
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  • RE: 100% cut off marks in DU – Is it justifiable? -monika (07/13/15)
  • Such high cuts off demotivate students .to make the competition tt should have GD and interviews so that student will have less pressure in exam n can perform their best.
  • RE: 100% cut off marks in DU – Is it justifiable? -pranakrushna rout (07/08/15)
  • Cut off mark means minimum mark that enters a student in institute.100%is not a minimum.as a univèrsity it neglect towards avrage student if u take only best student then automatically best students are formed so what is the credit of Mech2..hi Friends . We have Power Packed PPT classes which starts from 6th JULY to 11th JULY.. the training is compulsory for all the students of 2012-16 batch to be eligible to appear for any placement drive " . Attendance is mandatory for all the 6 days.
    All the university u take avrage and make them good then u say DU is best.
  • RE: 100% cut off marks in DU – Is it justifiable? -Rahul Chauhan (07/07/15)
  • No it is not justifiable
    there are many schools who provide various methods mall practicies to the student to top the subject by cheating so easy to score high in many boards.
  • RE: 100% cut off marks in DU – Is it justifiable? -The Gamechanger (07/05/15)
  • marks acquired in board exams reflect academic excellence, it doesnot necessarily reflect the intellect and talent of the person. some great persons like Einstein, Bill gates, Steve job, sachin Tendulkar , Rabindranath tagore didnot had formal education.

    People studying in state boards will be the worst sufferer. State boards hardly give high marks as CBSE and ICSE boards do. There should be some normalisation criteria indeed, which is also very difficult to implement as different state boards have different syllabus diffrent pattern of exam and different evaluation scheme. so marks only cannot be the sole criteria of admission.

    Aim of education system of India should focus on holistic development of students. Keeping such high cutoffs would make high pressure and stress on student making them uni directional.

    A lower cuttoff combined with interview/IQ test/ GD would serve a better selection method , giving opportunity to larger group of students.
  • RE: 100% cut off marks in DU – Is it justifiable? -ashutosh (06/28/15)
  • No obviously a big no.
    According to me 100% mean a person have all the knowledge regarding the subjects and concepts and if someone attain this in one exam then does not decide that he/she is excellent t and other are fool.
  • RE: 100% cut off marks in DU – Is it justifiable? -shasha (06/28/15)
  • Such high cutoffs are only discouraging for aspirants those who are applying and future students too leads to unnecessary pressure that is never helpful.Also state board difference pops up using matriculation cutoff system.School education can never determine your intellect and creativity so admission system must change so that everyone must have an oppurtunity they shall have system like is followed for JEE giving weightage to school education as well as testing you on your intellect aspect too.
  • RE: 100% cut off marks in DU – Is it justifiable? -amit (06/26/15)
  • many state boards does not give 100./.marks by this many state board toppers does not take admission in du
  • RE: 100% cut off marks in DU – Is it justifiable? -Deepa Kaushik (06/25/15)
  • Keeping a high cut off is never fair for the students. A high cut off like 100% in the top ranking colleges does not onlymean the loss of opportunity for the talented and deserving students, but maintains a feedback mechanism. Such high cut offs subsequently raises the cut-off percentage in thelow ranking colleges, making many of the pass-out students hue and cry for the seat for the undergraduate courses.

    Delhi university definitely has a good repute when it comes to a comprison of the Universities round the country. But, that does not justify a 100% cut-off. The reputed colleges should open way for more deserving candidates to join them. Just a slip in the percentage does not decrease the talent within the student. Keeping such a high cut-off might prove negative for the colleges in the long-run, as the students tend to skip such colleges demanding huge cut-off percentage.

    When talking of boosting the spirit within the student, the encouragement does not come by increasing the expectation as high as sky. The positive energy peeps-in within the student only when the bset up target seems reachable for the maximum students.

    Hence, the 100% cut-off can never be an acceptable of justifiable option.