12 Important Questions with Answers for your CAT Personal Interview

12 Important Questions with Answers for your CAT Personal Interview

With the announcement of CAT results, the shortlisted candidates would need to start with their interview preparation. Here are some questions that are frequently asked by the interview panel to the candidates. Also provided are the model answers that can help you with your preparation.

1.Tell me something about yourself.

Such open-ended questions can help you lead your own interview. Like most candidates, do not describe what you have already put down in your application e.g. your schooling, college, percentage. It just wastes your and the interviewer's time. Rather, use that opportunity to explain how you differ from the other candidates and tell something that you think is unique about you and is pertinent for the course.

Sometimes interviewers give the candidate the impression that he has not spoken enough. This is just a stress-inducing trick. At the end of your description just add a line like, "Is there something specific that you would like to know about?"

2. Tell me what is written in your CV.

Be thorough with everything mentioned in your resume because ignorance about your own accomplishments sounds dangerous to the interviewers as it will make them doubt your memory-power.

3. What did you learn in your graduation?

Do not forget to revise on what all things you have studied in your graduation no matter which background you are from.

4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Before you go to the interview, the first thing you should do is assess yourself and note down everything you are strong and weak at. Try making resolutions to overcome your weaknesses. Vague answers in such cases get quite repulsive for the interviewers.

5. Why MBA? Why now?

Try to convince the panel that this opportunity will make a value addition to your knowledge and skills. This is the time when you can connect your future to your past.

6. How does your academic background relate to your goal?

If you are an engineer and you are keen about a management degree, try explaining how your engineering degree can help you do your job better in a company that you will join in the future.

7. Why is that particular business school right for you?

Before you appear for an interview, do a detailed research about that particular B-school. Your answers should be according to their specialty. For example, if one B-school is good at Human Resource Development, try relating your talent and skills to that specific area.

8. How will you fit into our programme? What will you bring?

Express your most successful team work. Highlight your critical thinking, leadership and social abilities. Do not be shy about expressing yourself confidently, but avoid being self-centered. Panels look for candidates who will fit into their programme's culture and add value to it. Tell them something unique that you can contribute to their work.

9. Why do you think your chosen area of study (e.g. Finance) is suitable for you?

“Finance is the sector that has always appealed to me as it requires integrity, fearlessness, command on both technology and financial issues. I feel I possess these qualities. I know I will enjoy working in the Finance sector as I am equipped with the knowledge that is required for my career growth.”
Analyzing the qualities required for different branches can equip you with an appropriate answer.

10. What have you learnt in your Summer internship?

Interviewers are curious about the particular section which you did your internship in. Be confident and thorough in your narrating your experience. The panel tends to confuse or cross question whatever you say. It is tough for you to give the right answer without a slip. That is how they check the genuineness of the information and your sincerity towards your work.

11.What do you do in your free time/What are your hobbies?

An answer with both fun and serious hobbies in it, will be apt here. Reading books and going out with friends, gaming and doing some work of social importance are the kind of answers the interviewer would enjoy hearing.

12.If you were a working professional then they may ask, “Tell us about the work you did in the last company.”

Get ready to answer all the questions related to your previous work profile and convince them how your work experience will just facilitate your future growth.

These are some open-ended questions which never get old with the interviewers. Once you are thorough with these, give a quick revision to your subject questions, general awareness, business updates, economics and whatever you think will make you sound smarter and better informed.
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