17 off-beat career options

17 off-beat career options

In the changing scenario of the country, youngsters today are more willing to take up exciting careers than go for the conventional options such as engineering, medical, CA, CS or law. Earlier, there was a lot of pressure from parents on children to opt for the traditionally fulfilling subjects, but now even they are open to various off-beat careers for their kids.

In the present era the Internet has made it possible for anybody who is talented and has the knowledge, to make it big. If the effort put from your side is sincere, success will be yours. The most important aspect is being able to do what you really love and at the same time making money out of it.

Here are 17 exciting out of the box options for you to grow in your career without leaving your passion.

1. Makeup Artists- Makeup artists are mostly needed for theaters, television shows, films and celebrities. Today, their work is given recognition too. Many cosmetic companies also employ makeup artists as consultants and they are hired for fashion shows, weddings, social gatherings, advertisements, magazines and are given handsome packages.

2. Celebrity Managers- Celebrity managers work as the representatives of artists, athletes and other famous personalities. Public relations and mass communication courses build a strong base for the knowledge of this profession.

3. Choreographers– Performances by celebrities and dancers need choreography. As it is a highly competitive field, choreographers worldwide need to constantly innovate and update themselves with the latest dance forms, moves and styles to stand out in the crowd.

4. Fitness Experts & Specialists- If you are health conscious and are very particular about staying fit, then this can be the perfect career option for you. You can work for universities, health clubs, professional gymnasiums, resorts, country clubs and hospitals.

5. Writers- If you have a flair for writing then you can be a writer of a variety of things. Writers are in great demand for many kinds of writings like creative, content, technical, feature, quiz, travel and so on.

6. Designers- There is a large variety in the designing career with a great scope of earning. There are many choices like animation film designing, graphic designing, textile designing, ceramic and glass designing, exhibition designing, furniture and interior designing, accessory designing, product designing, shoe designing. You can specialize in any of these.

7. Museologists- From the name itself it is clear that this involves the study of museums. One needs to have a good knowledge of history and culture to opt for this profession. National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology, New Delhi offers courses in this field.

8. Pet Groomers - Are you someone who falls in love with animals everyday? Here is a subject that will give you an opportunity to work closely with them. This profession will require you to enhance pet hygiene and appearance. A new concept in India, this field is gradually picking up.

9. Wedding Planners - This is a profession where you are supposed to work for every function of a wedding, starting from coordinating the caterers to directing the dinners. There is no formal training to be a wedding planner, but earning experiences helps.

10. Photographers- If the speed of the shutter of your camera matches that of your observation, you must go for this profession. With the media growing, photography has turned into a highly profitable choice of career. You can get hired for print media, electronic media, fashion industry, advertising industry or films and television.

11. Tasters- If you have a soft corner for food and drinks, this is the perfect profession for you. In this you have to taste food or drink samples. Different types of tasters include food tasters, tea tasters, wine tasters, chocolate tasters, etc.

12. Bloggers- With a boom in the Internet market blogging is fast becoming a well-known profession. The only skills required for blogging are a thorough knowledge of a particular subject and good writing skills. Blogging, as a full-time profession, needs dedication and passion.

13. Surfers- Surfing is not a very popular thing in India. But gradually people are looking at adventure sports as a new and exciting option. They want to touch the waves and they certainly need a profession for that. So go ahead, connect with the nature.

14. Rural Studies - If you love Indian villages and want to develop them, this subject is for you. After completing a bachelors degree in this, you can apply for jobs at various government and public organizations that work on rural issues. You can also work with NGOs.

15. Ethical hackers- Like places, these days Internet also needs high safety and security. This is possible by the ethical hackers and that is why they are also called 'Cyber Cops'.

16. Puppeteers- It is also an important medium of education and many schools and institutes use puppets to teach students about various topics. Several stage shows and performances have helped bring puppetry some fame. Over a period of time this art, which was in danger of extinction, is gaining recognition and appreciation again.

17. Mariners and Oceanographers- They cover a wide range of topics including marine life and ecosystems, ocean circulation, the geology of the seabed, and the chemical and physical properties of the ocean. Biological oceanographers and marine biologists study and work in a marine environment.

There are various other off-beat career opportunities that can flourish with time in India like publishing, para-psychology, personal shopping, youtubing, wildlife conservation, etc. All that you need is to keep your eyes open and find out what you are passionate about.
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