24/7 Power - Initiatives and Achievements

24/7 Power – Initiatives and Achievements

Question : 24/7 power is an enduring promise of the NDA government. Discuss how far the government has succeeded in achieving this.

India recently experienced the following milestones in the quest for 24/7 power:

• Lowest ever power deficit in Indian history which is 3.6%

• Highest ever power capacity addition at 22,566 MW

• It also had highest ever increase in transmission line capacity of 22,100 circuit kilometres

• Highest ever increase in substation capacity-66.554 MVA was another achievement

• Finally, highest ever coal production increase by Coal India was 32 million tonnes

• Power generation growth has been highest in 20 years namely 8.4%

• Coal production growth was highest in 23 years at 8.3%

• Solar capacity has increased by 42% during this time as well

• Another achievement is elimination of corruption with INR 3,35 lakh crores of potential revenues associated with coal bearing states especially eastern India

• Transparent coal e-auctions and allotments have been spent over a lifespan of mines is another significant milestone

• Price of LED bulbs reduced by 74% on account of transparent procurement from INR 310 in February 2014 to 82 in march 2015

• Government has also made INR 1.09 lakh crore investment in sub-transmission and distribution through DDUGJY/Deen Dayal Upadhyay Gram Jyoti Yojana and Integrated Power Development Scheme

• INR 1 lakh crore of new transmission projects will be bid out in the present year

• Priority is being given to clean energy with 25 solar parks of 100 MW planned

• INR 38,000 green energy corridor has been set up for transmitting renewable energy

• Every bulb will be replaced with LEDs over next 3 years resulting in huge savings in power bills for customers

• Proposed amendments to Electricity Act will also empower customers to choose and change power supplier with competition improving service and reasonable prices

• Government has also focused on improving development of backward regions
INR 9865 crore has been given approval for upgrading power systems in the 8 NE states

• Transmission line has been approved with investment of INR 26,000 crore for evacuating power to southern region from western region

• As per the CSR programme, sanitation initiatives at cost of INR 2250 crore have been taken up in states such as Bihar, Odisha, WB, NE etc

• Clear roadmap towards 24/7 affordable power for all has been laid

Facts and Stats

• There is a projected more than 5 times increase in renewable energy capacity to 175,000 MW by 2022

• 5 new UMPPs have been approved in plug-n-play mode of total 20,000 MW

• Reduction in peak load shortages through revival of stranded gas based power plants is also a goal

• E-bidding that is transparent and enhances accountability is the aim for centre’s policy initiatives
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