25% seats in private schools should be reserved for poor.


- It’s constitutional and Right to Education is a fundamental right.

- It serves the purpose and it enables the poor people to get good education which would in turn result in better personality and better job opportunities.

- It can turn education as a catalyst for bridging the widening gap between the poor and the rich.

- This would also mean bringing in together the different classes of social and economical statures.

- Some of the unprivileged one will get an opportunity to rub shoulders with the elite ones which would help in removing or at least lessening the social barrier present in our society.


- This would bring in educational inequality.

- If 25% seats are reserved for the poor then it will affect the titanic number of other privileged children.

- It will be difficult for the poor children to adjust in the environment as a result they would fare badly in classes.

- This would also affect the fee structure of those who are not admitted under this quota.

- It would burden the private sector which would create a lot of pressure on our economy.
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