3 Web Portals Launched in Agriculture Sector: Highlights

3 Web Portals Launched in Agriculture Sector: Highlights

Question: The agriculture sector has received a boost with the launch of 3 web portals namely Soil Health Card portal, Fertiliser Quality Control System portal and Participatory Guarantee System-India Portal. Discuss the highlights of each of the portals.

Soil Health Card Portal

- This portal has been developed for registration of soil samples, record of test results of soil samples and creation of Soil Health Card alongside Fertiliser Recommendations

- This web based software is single, generic and uniform

- It is a workflow based application which has the following modules:

- Soil Samples Registration

- (Test Result Entry by Soil Testing Labs

- (Fertiliser Recommendations based on STCR and GFR

- Soil Health Card generation along with Fertiliser Recommendation and micronutrient suggestions

- MIS module for monitoring progress

- This software provides uniform adoption of codes and has a sample tracking feature which provides alerts to farmers regarding generation of soil health card and sample registration through SMS or email

- Soil health card portal will generate soil health cards based on STCR formula developed by ICAR/General Fertiliser Recommendations of state governments

Fertiliser Quality Control System Portal

- Fertiliser Quality Control system is a web-based, configurable workflow application developed by NIC for sample collection processing, testing and generation of analysis reports

- This portal will lead to automation of manual activities which determine the quality of fertilisers apart from helping with online tracking of the status of the sample

- System will gradually be extended to State Quality Control labs

- Fertilisers are important in catalysing agricultural productivity of the soil

Participatory Guarantee System – India Portal:

- Participatory Guarantee System certifies organic products which ensures agriculture production process in line with standards laid down for organic products

- Desired quality maintenance is being monitored

- This online quality assurance portal has the following facilities

I Registration
II Approval
III Documentation
IV Record of inspection and
V Certification.

- It will promote transparency in certification process.

- It will lead to creation of a database of (i) Organic producers and (ii) area under PGS certification with due traceability.

Facts and Stats

- India imports large quantity of various fertilisers to meet the demands.

- About 25-30% of the requirement of Urea, 90% of the requirement of DAP and 100% of the requirement of MOP are met by imports.

- These initiatives/portals will short-circuit the manual process for quality control
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