3D Printed Layered Structure: Details

3D Printed Layered Structure: Details

Question: Scientists have recently discovered a 3D printed layered structure including neural cells for mimicking the structure of the brain tissue. Highlight the key details of this important scientific breakthrough.

- Scientists have developed a 3D printed layered structure including neural cells that mimics the brain tissue structure

- This is a breakthrough for understanding the treatment and aetiology of disorders such as schizophrenia

- The human brain is remarkably complex with close to 86 billion nerve cells

- Researchers have to create bench top brain issue from which they can learn how the brain functions

- Researchers in Australia have taken a step closer through the development of 3D printed layered structure incorporating neural cells mimicking the structure of the brain tissue

- Value of a bench top brain is massive

- Pharma companies incur considerable expenditure on drug development only to find it ineffective on humans; the 3D Layered structure can eliminate this problem

- Animal trials are not successful because the human brain differs considerably from that of the animal,

- This also provides an experimental test bed for new drugs and electroceuticals

How the 3D Structure was Created

- For creating the six layered structure, scientists have developed a custom bio link with naturally occurring carbohydrate materials

- Custom materials possess properties permitting cell dispersion in an accurate manner throughout the structure and providing a rare protection level to cells

- Bio-ink is optimised for 3D printing and developed for being used in standard cell culturing facility without the requirement for expensive bio-printing equipment

- This results in a layered structure such as a brain tissue where cells are placed in a precise manner and stay within their designated layer

- Study also showcases how important integrating advances in 3D printing with materials science is for realising the biological outcome

- Study also paves the way for more sophisticated printers for creating finer resolution structures

Facts and Stats

- Bench top brain accurately reflecting or replicating the actual brain issue would research the impact of drugs as well as brain disorders such as schizophrenia and degenerative brain disease

- This breakthrough is a positive step forward to create a bench top brain to enable understanding of important insights for brain function

- Research study was published in Biomaterials journal
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