6 Ideas for a summer project in Finance

6 Ideas for a summer project in Finance

Are you in your final semester of MBA finance and looking out for internship ideas? Finance is the sector where the job demand is high and companies prefer the best among the applicants as, directly or indirectly, you manage their money. That is why an internship in finance is a great idea. Internships provide you with a path towards your dream career so you must not go for anything that does not have quality.

It requires you to do some research on the type of companies you can go for, what kind of work you can expect in those organizations and will it be helpful in achieving your future goal. Work on your resume and make it according to the position you want to apply for. There are various ideas that you may not be aware of. So here is a list you can explore.

These are 6 ideas for an internship in finance:

1. Want to be the next Warren Buffet? Intern at securities firms- It is very easy to get an internship at securities firms if you are looking out to make your career as a securities dealer, financial advisor, investment banker, securities trader, etc. The only thing that you should keep in mind is securities firms look for candidates who already have an understanding and knowledge of the securities business.

You do not get the authority to make a deal being an intern, but you get all the opportunities to learn exactly how the broking business operates and you get to know the amount of pressure one handles when the market falls or goes up.

2. Be a banker- The banking sector has a variety of job opportunities and most of the students dream of getting a job there. If you are one among them but are not that sure of the kind of work you would like to do in a bank, then explore your options by getting an internship there.

What kind of work they will ask you to do is the next question in your mind. They will treat you as a member of the team and you will be trained in a structured manner. You can get some research or analysis work on the financial market. You will have the opportunity of exploring and observing different departments of a bank and the operational work in each department.

3. Get into corporates - Competition in the job market is increasing at a great speed. If audit sampling, balance sheet, and other financial terms attract you then its the time to get away from theories and explore the real finance world by getting an accounting internship. The big four firms that are well known for accounting internships are Price Waterhouse Coopers, Ernst and Young, KPMG, and Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.

Hence, working as an intern in these firms gives students an exposure in areas such as audit and tax. A few internships give students the opportunity to work in both the areas.

4. Learn how to sell funds- Investment companies deal in mutual and hedge funds. Whichever area you will be working for will be a balance between marketing and executing transactions.

Mutual and hedge funds have entered the market, have brought various regulatory changes and have led to a number of alternative investments. So if you get the chance of learning something that is new in the market, it will be an additional advantage to your resume.

5. Get into credit rating agencies- Credit rating agencies offer internships to gain experience with the key players of the financial markets and the major employers of securities analysts.

Rating agencies assess the financial strength of companies and governmental entities, both domestic and foreign, especially the interest and principal payments on the bonds and other debts and they study the terms and conditions of each debt issue.

6. Become a life insurer- Insurance companies can be the best place for you as an intern if you want to make a career in retail banking and insurance. Internships usually begin with an initial training program and then you will be asked to do some analysis work, research a market depending on the division you’re in.

College students must keep in mind that internships are now considered essential to present an experience to employers as your chances of getting hired for a full time job increases. Once you reach out your potential network, build a strong professional relationship.
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