9 careers you can pursue with a degree in Humanities

9 careers you can pursue with a degree in Humanities

Humanities is a basically originated from arts and is a very diverse stream as it deals with subjects like literature, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science etc.

There has always been a misconception among students pursuing their career in Humanities as they think it is difficult to get a good job and a good salary package after the course.

If you belong to the same group of people, then you will be happy to learn otherwise.

There are many highly established and even celebrated personalities in India with the same degree. Here are some career options that are quite exciting and can earn you a good living as well.

Corporate Training

This profession is at boom now-a-days as every organization has skilled professionals in their departments but they are not so good with their soft skills.

There comes the role of a Corporate Trainer who can polish the skill of employees in an Organization.

You can easily make your career in training working professionals and earning some handsome amount in the Corporate world.


You can use your language skills in editing and look forward to make a career in this upcoming field.

The profession of editing is not limited to electronic media only. You can expect to find a good job at an IT and research company as well.


The most important skill that every journalist must possess is writing and communicating and with your Humanities degree you already have a lot of skills required here.

Also, with good communication skills you can prove yourself to be good at interviewing people.

Become a Counselor

If you want to be a Counselor then this is the best course you have opted for. This profession's requirement is to have knowledge about human psychology and being good at communication skills.

You are perfect in both.


Many of the students with a degree in Humanities make their career in Teaching profession.

Throughout the course you have to focus on writing and speaking skills, so this can be the perfect career for you.

Public Relations Officer (PRO)

To become a PRO of any company you may not require degree in Public Relations but you must possess some interpersonal skills and must be passionate about your work. This is a highly paid job now-a-days.

Content Writing

If you are passionate about writing then you can give a thought about making career in Content Writing too as you already have all the skills required for this profession.

Creative Writing

Are you creative and have the talent of thinking out of the box? All that you need is putting your thoughts on paper. You can become a creative writer for Advertising agencies which is even a highly paid job.


To become a humanitarian one doesn’t need to possess a degree in it. This profession includes promotion of human welfare and social reforms. So with the degree in Humanity you can explore this option as well.
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