A balanced diet is the key to healthy life

A balanced diet is the key to healthy life

Eating a balanced diet is the key to healthy life.
Examine the statement and take a position.

It is true that eating a balanced diet is the key to a healthy life style. But most people do not understand what actually a balanced diet is. A balanced diet is the one which contains all the right foods in right proportion. It has a balanced mix of:

- carbohydrates,
- fats,
- proteins,
- minerals and vitamins,
- water
- and fibre.

Busy lifestyle has increased the dependency on the fast foods, thereby, diluting the importance of having a balanced diet. However, it is not very difficult to incorporate the same in one’s daily schedule. Some simple steps can take one’s diet towards the optimum balance like:

- By increasing the daily liquid intake. Nearly 80% of human cell is filled by water and health experts advise that minimum of two to three litres of water should be consumed every day.

- Intake of fresh fruits and vegetables should be increased in one’s daily chart. This will provide enough fibre and vitamins to the body and will give the immunity to fight against various diseases.

- All the five taste elements that is, bitter, pungent, sour, sweet, and salt should be consumed in moderation to call a diet as balanced.

- One of a very common practice these days is to eat while working or watching television. This leads to lack of concentration on the food and can lead to heartburn, acidity etc. Food should be consumed in an absolutely free and stress free state of mind for it to cause maximum benefit to the body.

Not eating a balanced diet can have severe repercussions related to the short term and long term health of a person. Plethora of health problems are caused due to lack of balanced diet in one’s regime like obesity, heart problems, various kinds of deficiencies etc.

All fast foods, even the most popular brands like Mc Donald’s etc use health eroding chemicals, trans fats, high levels of sugar, petro-chemicals, artificial sweeteners etc in their products thereby, making them really unhealthy.

So many things are being published about the fast foods , it is high time that people start getting more conscience about their health and start watching what they eat. There is no replacement for a balanced diet and no bigger achievement than leading a healthy life.
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