A fool can ask more questions in an hour than a wise man can answer in seven years - Group discussion.

While there are some who think twice before they ask or tie to connect the dots before asking, some people only indulge in asking questions without thinking or coming up with an answer or a solution. In essence, we must remember that quantity doesn’t matter. What matters is, quality.


-Some people only ask questions. This blocks their capacity to devise a solution.

-Asking too many questions often gives a negative impression to the receiver.

-Asking more questions often probes people to think you are in doubt.

-While asking questions may intrigue an interest level however, you may lose track and start questioning out of context.

-On losing track, we land up asking the obvious or embarrassing questions that only leads to an awkward situation.


-On the other hand, some people think asking questions means you understand.

-Questions invoke a thought process. It may help you achieve your goals.

-There is no point in answering because you are questioned if doesn’t help you achieve your goals.

-Often while asking questions and getting answers, you start to bring in ideas on the table that improves the quality of the context.

-A question usually reflects an act that is a suggestion or a warning that helps to be alert and gives a “heads up”.

It is not always about how many questions you ask or how many you can answer. It is about the quality of questions asked and the worth the answers hold. Just because some people question too much doesn’t mean they are fools. What we must remember is to realize the importance and context in which the questions are being raised.
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  • RE: A fool can ask more questions in an hour than a wise man can answer in seven years - Group discussion. -pravin (03/02/15)
  • If anyone tries to ask questions,it's good. the most important thing you could understand here is"you should ask questions to yourself, because people are going different these days, some one can think you are so curious about the answer while other might think you as a dumb but the solution is more simple that is, "answering the question and questioning for the answer "both are same when we think it as a subject or knowledge not question or answer. so if some of the guy is not clear , we make a help to understand him. if we want to explore something we need to question!!! Even "answer comes only from the questions!!!
  • RE: A fool can ask more questions in an hour than a wise man can answer in seven years - Group discussion. -Meera (02/21/15)
  • I strongly agree to the statement that a fool would ask more questions in an hour than a wise can answer in seven years. The statement means that a fool puts up the questions without giving it a thought whether they are logical or not. Asking questions too requires a lot of analytical and logical skills. Putting more questions does not mean that the person has the curiosity over the subject it simply shows that the person is too dumb to put up such questions which are neither logical nor analytical.

    On the other hand, a wise person will speak only after giving a complete thought to what he is going to say. It involves more of logical approach and what ever he says it is meaningful and impressive.

    There has been a saying to support above statement that " One blow of iron smith is comparable to hundred blows of gold smith."