A university is what a college becomes when the faculty loses interest in teaching the students - Group Discussion

We all attended colleges with the hopes of learning something and realizing our career paths. The people who we rely upon are our teachers. They say that the essence of a college is lost when the teachers lose interest in teaching their student, similar to what a university does.


- Usually in universities, professors are involved in so much and paid less that they lose their interest in teaching. This happens in colleges too.

- Most colleges have no facilities for the teachers. This makes their job monotonous as there is no recreation.

- In India especially, because of the nature of the education system we have, teachers can’t think anything beyond marks.

- Because of the teaching mechanism, usually the students also lose interest that influences the teachers.

- The quality of faculty we see in colleges and universities are the same. This is why only some colleges are renowned than the other. Both universities and colleges don’t have an exhaustive screening before appointing a faculty.


- This is not true for renowned colleges like the IIM’s and IIT’s where the teachers are extremely educated and passionate.

- A teacher’s passion is to teach and awaken interest in their students. This cannot be lost.

- A university has its own standard, policies and procedures. A college is a subset of a university and hence can never be compared.

- A university has much beyond teaching to take care of. So, if the faculty loses interest in teaching, we cannot compare it to a college.

Regardless of whether are pursuing a course from a University or a college, we look upon our teachers. The education systems should be improved in a way that it creates interest in both faculty and the students. Education is not just about marks. If some recreational facilities are arranged for teachers and students, it may help establish a unique relationship.
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