ABB Campus Placement - Procedure and Information

ABB Campus Placement - Procedure and Information

ABB, an internationally based company and leading into the power and automation technology sector. ABB is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. ABB has its offices spread all over the world ranging from USA to Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia and Oceania. In India as well ABB has its offices spread all over from Bangalore to Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, etc.

To hire for all the offices they need a huge base of candidates and hence to fill the vacancies they conduct campus placements across the world. The campus placements of ABB have a written test followed by technical and lastly an HR Round. The written test is usually conducted online and is in two parts the general written test as well as technical written test. The aptitude test is for 50 minutes and consists of 50 questions, whereas the technical written test consists of 60 questions to be completed in 60 minutes. The written aptitude test consists of verbal ability, analytical and attention to detail sections. The analytical section is a bit tough and to be able to answer all the questions you need to manage your time effectively whereas the attention to detail section consists of question on which two of the following are alike.

The technical written test contains 60 questions which are to be answered in 60 minutes. The technical section contains questions on various different technologies like C, C++ along with questions based on electrical and electronics, computer-science, RDBMS, DBA, Unix, binary decimal and from OS and Networking. The questions of the technical test are conducted stream-wise and hence the questions are variant depending upon the profile, some of the questions observed in the last few years are mentioned below:

1. What is the hierarchical model given by IBM?

2. How do you generate a report in Oracle?

3. At which time can linking happen?
a. Compile
b. Load
c. Run
d. All

4. What is the full form of OS?

5. What is the method to write comments in SQL

6. Which is the lowest layer of UNIX?
a. Hardware
b. Kernel
c. Shell
d. None

7. What does EXP command do?
a. Create backup
b. Recovery
c. None

8. Which amongst the following is a data dictionary software package?
a. DB/DC dictionary
d. Metadata

9. Explain the Demorgans Law.

10. Functions in C for memory allocation and deallocation?

11. Convert 45 into binary and state the MSB and LSB.

Now it’s the turn for the Technical and HR Interview round. This round contains more of technical questions. The questions are based on anything ranging from curriculum projects to personal background. You need to be thorough with your basics and questions based on your stream. The last round is HR interview round. The first round in the HR interview is based on personal questions. The questions ranged from strengths of the candidate, any regrets that you have in your life? What are your achievements? Reactions of your parents before you came here for an interview? What will be your course of action if you do not get selected in the interview? Once this personal round is complete the candidates are presented with a case study to be solved. You are supposed to be preparing a presentation on chart paper which is provided by the company. Once you clear the HR round you are supposed to go through a psychometric test and the final HR round which is usually a salary negotiation round. The Psychometric test is done to analyse your analytical as well as problem solving skills.

The best way to clear all the rounds for ABB is by being thorough with the knowledge based on your stream and the profile you are applying for and along with this you need to be formal while interacting during the interview rounds.
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