ABB placement paper - aptitude.


Recently I took up a placement test at ABB. There was a section on quantitative aptitude also in the test. Here are some of the questions (from memory). Hope they help you.

The value of (4.7 X 13.26 + 4.7 X 9.43 + 4.7 X 77.31) is :
a) 470 b) 570 c) 370 d) 670

How much pure alcohol should we add to 12 gallons of 20% acid solution to obtain a solution that is 80%?
a) 3 gallons b) 6 gallons c) 8 gallons d) 9 gallons

If a tank A can be filled within 10 hours and tank B can be filled ΒΌ in 19 hours then, what is the time taken to fill up the tank completely?
a) 21 B) 38 c) 57 d) 76

A person is rock climbing at an altitude of 800 m. He go up by 7 mph. and come down by 9 mph. what was his average speed?
a) 7.875 mph b) 7.125 mph c) 7mph d) 7.5 mph

(4x+3y)+(5x+9y))/(5x+5y) = ? as (x/2y) = 2
a)48/5 b)46/5 c)47/5 d)49/5

A Person buys a horse for 15 pounds, after one year he sells it for 20 pounds. After one year, again he buys the same horse at 30 pounds and sells it for 40 pounds. What is the profit for that person?

The ages of the two friends are in the ratio of 6:5. If the sum of their ages is 66. Then after how many years will the ratio of their ages become 7:6?
a) 11 b) 6 c) 10 d) 12

If a and b are mixed in 3:5 ratio and b and c are mixed in 8:5 ratio if the final mixture is 35 liters, find the amount of b?
A) 13.34 b) 15.73 c) 16.73 d) 9.45
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