Ability of an Inverting Amplifier w.r.t Input and Output Voltages.

Which amplifier has an ability to amplify each input voltage & deliberately can be represented by the different factors at the output under the category of inverting amplifiers ?

a. Summing Amplifier
b. Scaling Amplifier
c. Averaging amplifier
d. All of the above

Correct Answer : b. Scaling Amplifier

Explanation :

Inverting amplifiers are generally categorized in the form of summing amplifier, Scaling amplifier and averaging amplifier. Basically, each input voltage gets amplified by a different factor & then weighted differently at the output level. Hence, this scaling amplifier is also referred as 'Weighted Amplifier'. This can only be possible when all input resistances belong to the different values. On the controversial aspect, summing amplifier generates the output voltage which is equal to negative summation of all inputs times the circuit gain. Apart from this, average circuit produces the output voltage by considering the average of all input voltages. Only the scaling or (weighted amplifiers) possesses this characteristic of operation that exhibits different weightages at the output.
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