About copy of the application form for the main examination - UPSC personality test

I did not keep a copy of the application form for the main examination. I have heard that it is necessary to keep a copy for later use. Will I need the copy and what should I do since I did not keep a copy with me?

The application form that you fill up after the clearance of the preliminary examination is for the main examination and it is advisable that you retain a filled copy of this form. This form has the information that you have provided to the UPSE for assessment of personal data like education and social background, your choice of subjects, information of your previous job and academics, your state, credentials, achievements and every other detail that gets recorded. The questions of the interview shall be based on these terms and this is why it is advised that you retain a copy so that you know well precisely of everything that you filled in. This helps during the preparations and you know your areas of study well.

Most of these questions are your personal data which you should be able to remember of what you actually filled in the form. You can procure a copy of the year’s form at various websites and jot down the answers for each of the questions. This will help just the way a copy of the form should be of help. Good luck!
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