About higher study or job in the civil services interview

About higher study or job in the civil services interview

I have been trying and appearing the civil service examination for the last 2 years and this is the first time when I got qualified for the interview. In this period of 2 years, I have neither gone for higher studies nor done any job. Will this affect by chances of selection? How should I answer if I am asked about this?

The fact that you did not opt for higher study or job does not affect the decision of the interview board while scoring. Yes, they might question you the reason for not going for higher studies or job in these years. Be honest in your answer and without any hesitation or guilt, mentions the factors that did not permit you to go for job or higher studies.

For instance, some people consider studying with single-mindedness while preparing for civil service examination. If this is your case, you can confidently say that your goal was set right from the beginning about joining IAS and you preferred not to get distracted during your preparations. You can tell them that you understood where your passion or interest truly lies and followed it with complete dedication.

If you have failed or repeated in your academics which was the reason for delaying higher studies, say that to the board without feeling guilty. Furthermore, they would be looking forward to knowing your approach towards failure and retrying abilities. Failing in an attempt is not a drawback but an opportunity that lets you rise stronger when you try again. Similarly, if you were unable to find a job, say so without the slightest hint of remorse in your tone. Good luck!

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