Accenture verbal questions and answers

Hi Friends,

Recently I appeared for a placement test conducted by Accenture at our college. The aptitude part had questions on quant and verbal both. The questions in the verbal section weren't very tough. They mainly comprised of Fillin the blanks, Correct the sentence, Spot the error, Synonyms etc.

Some of the questions I remember are:

Fill in the blanks:
If the scientist's works had been regarded merely as those of a fool, he might have met with only ------ not with violence and censorship.
1. brutality, 2. loathing, 3. rebellion, 4. ridicule, 5. execution

Spot the error:
India today stands at a crucial (1)/ crossroads with its history as (2)/ an independent nation (3)/ No error(4)

Which of the phrases given below should replace the phrase in brackets () to make it a grammatically sentence?

The crops are drying, (it must not had) rained.
a.)must had not, b.) must not be, c.) must not have, d.)must not have been, e.) No correction required

If your spoken English is good, you won't have much problem with this section. I am happy to be at Accenture finally!
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