Activity director CV sample - Activity director CV formats

Activity director CV sample - Activity director CV formats

Anish XXX
Phone: +91-99********
e-mail: ani****


Encourage and practice meaningful education which can be connected to our everyday life and enrich human values with a focus to better life.

Key Responsibilities

Objective Achievement

-Formulation of objectives, strategizing and communicating objectives to all concerned for proper coordination and effective implementation.

Governing Board of the institute

-Intimation to board members regarding progress towards objective’s accomplishment,
-Arranging meetings of the board,
-Feedback of new approaches and their progress at the campus,
-Seeking timely support and guidance from board members.

Routine Operations

- Management of routine operation of the institute to the utmost interest of the students, staff and institute in the rapidly changing business environment
- Development of healthy relationship among faculty members, staff and students for creating healthy working environment for all, timely review of the situation
- Designing of programme, delivery of service for programme to students, evaluation of students and review of process for keeping high quality of outgoing students every year.
- Provisions for high quality of infrastructure facilities at institute, creating good atmospheres to provide high level of satisfaction and attract talented students in institute in near

- Meetings with board members, faculty members, HOD and taking feedback from students for review of current performance in all concerned areas to improve overall effectiveness in performance
- Discussion with HOD regarding future requirements, preparing budget estimates, submission and approval of it from chairman at the end of the year for next academic year

Procurement and Development of Manpower

- Selection of staff and faculty members according to requirements, induction, motivation and guidance for further development of academic competencies through research, seminar, and

publication works to maintain high quality in teaching and research.
- Development of network with other institutes, corporate sector, universities, scholars, consultants, guest faculty, placement agencies etc.
- Initiative for development of research activities within in and outside the institutes for corporate sector
Development of Goodwill of the institute
- Development of alumni association, relationship with professional bodies, development of sponsors’ network etc.
- Development of high reputation among public for better aspirants for study, development of links with foreign universities and agencies for study
Interaction with industries for internship and final placement and government bodies relating to achievement of objectives of the institute.


-Established Institute of Business Management & Research at XYZ city, a non AICTE approved institute associated to XYZ University in the capacity of Director and Dean.
-Established another management institute ABC in XYZ city, an AICTE approved institute, affiliated to ABC University

Books Published

- Human Resource Management Principles by XYZ publisher in 20**
- Performance Management by ABC publisher in 19**
- HRD practices by XYZ publisher in 20**
- Production & Operations Management by MNO publisher in 20**

Research Papers Written / Presented

- Corporate governance and social responsibility in Seminar at XYZ College of Business Management in 20**
- Initiatives for Entrepreneurship Development In India, XYZ Institute of Management & Computer Studies in 20**.
- Globalization and HRD practices in Indian Market - UGC sponsored national conference in 20**
- Gandhian philosophy and HRM- 20**.
- Emerging trends in distance education - 20**

Conferences and seminars attended

State Level

- Workshop to sensitize faculty of management institutions to environmental issues, 20**
- Faculty Development Programme, December 20**
- Impact of IPRS on economy, 20**.
- Role of Marketing in Tourism, 20**

National Level

- Workshop on Research Proposal and Report Writing, 20**.
- Workshop on Research Methodology, 20**.
- Workshop on Quality of Higher Education in India, 20**.

International Level

- Transforming Educational Institutions for Global Opportunities, 20**
- Standards For Educational Advancement & Accreditation Trust, 20**

Educational qualifications

- Ph.D- XYZ University- 20**
- MPM - ABC University- 19**
- PGDBA - PQR University- 19**

Personal details

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